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YuGiOh Duel Monsters. Episode 3

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 3: Journey to the Duelist Kingdom.

English dub.

Duration: 00:21:21 [opening and ending included]

Yami: Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh.

[cut to KaibaCorp dueling arena]

Seto: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yuugi.

Yami: My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain... [holds up card] the unstoppable Exodia!

Seto: Ahh! [recoils] Impossible!

Yami: I've assembled all five special cards. All five pieces of the puzzle.

[cut to a dark room]

Lackey: Mr. Pegasus, sir. Seto Kaiba, our uncontested champion, he's... been defeated in a duel, sir, by someone named Yuugi.

Pegasus: Hmmm... [Millennium Eye flashes]

[cut to Yuugi's living room]

Yuugi: What could it be? [opens the box. it contains a VHS tape, a red glove and two gold stars]

All: Huh?

Téa: Some kind of glove...

Joey: And stars.

Tristan: Maybe there's an explanation on the video.

Yuugi: [reaches for the VHS tape, puts the VHS tape into the VCR]

TV screen: Static

[Pegasus materializes on the TV]

Pegasus: Greetings, little Yuugi. I am Maximillion Pegasus.

All: [gasp]

Pegasus: Your present defeat of Seto Kaiba intrigued me so much, I've decided to investigate your amazing dueling skills personally.

Yami: I'm done with your games.

Pegasus: You presume I'm giving you a choice in the matter. But... [lifts hair aside to reveal Millennium Eye] I'm not. You see, I've found that, given the proper incentive, anyone can be made to play my game. [the Millennium Eye glows and pulls Yuugi's grandfather's soul into the television screen]

Solomon: [from television screen] Yuugi!

Pegasus: How else will you reclaim your grandfather's soul?

Yuugi: Grandpa! Grandpa!! Grandpaaaaaa!

[Cue themesong]

[cut to exterior, Yuugi's standing next to a fence watching the sunset]

Yuugi: How did I get into this mess? I can't believe that grandpa's actually gone. One minute he's right beside us, and the next, Pegasus shows up and uses some sort of weird magic to steal his soul away. But why? What could Pegasus possibly want with me? And could it have something to do with my Millennium Puzzle?
Well, I'll get grandpa back. I'll beat Pegasus at his own game. Whatever that is.

[cut to interior of Joey's house]

Joey: [Looks at the VHS tape in his hand speculatively] Wonder who this is from. [Places VHS tape in VCR]

Television: [static]

[Serenity materializes and waves]

Serenity: Hey Big Brother. How've you been? I really miss you.

Joey: Serenity?

Serenity: [laughs] I can't believe it's been six years since we've seen each other. I'll never forget the day Mom took me to live with her.


Serenity: [has her face pressed up against the glass of a car] Joey!

Joey: Serenity, don't go! Waaaaaaait!

Serenity: Joey!


Serenity: I'm sending you this video just so you don't forget your little sister's face. It seems like I'm running out of time. I was hoping to see you once more before... well, uh, you understand. Bye-bye, brother.

Joey: Run out of time? It can't be.

Serenity: So long. Take care, Joey.

Television: [static]

Joey: Huh? Serenity.

[cut to exterior of Game Shop]

Yuugi: [walks up, notices an envelope stuck between the door and frame] Huh? What's this? [reaches for it, opens it to find Duel Monsters cards] It's from Pegasus. [lifts one out] Huh? It's an invitation to the tournament at Duelist Kingdom.

[cut to interior of school]

Téa: A tournament at Duelist Kingdom? Isn't that an island?

Joey: So, that's where Pegasus is keeping your grandpa?

Yuugi: Maybe. The only way to know for sure is to become a contestant. The boat's going to be leaving in two days.

Téa: But you can't go. It could be dangerous.

Yuugi: I have to go. It's the only clue I have for rescuing Grandpa.

Tristan: I still can't believe it. Pegasus used some kind of weird spell to grab your grandpa's soul away. And now he's toying with you, forcing you to duel in the tournament.

Joey: Right. And without invitations, we can't even go there with you. I wish we could help you, pal.

Téa: This is bad.

Tristan: Hey, Yuugi. Check this out. According to this card, the tournament winner takes the grand prize of three million dollars.

Joey: Three mill?

Yuugi: So what, Tristan. Who cares about money at a time like this.

Joey: Hey, gimme that. [pulls card out of Tristan's hand] Ahh. Three million.

Yuugi: Guess Joey does...

Joey: Three million. In cold cash.

[cut to exterior by fence again. Joey's sitting on the ground behind the fence]

Yuugi: Joey? What're you doing up here?

Joey: Hmm?

Yuugi: What's with you?

Joey: Ah, nothing. I'm just thinking about a whole lot of stuff. Yuugi, you do know that I care about your gramps, right? I mean, he taught me about the heart of the cards.

Yuugi: Of course I know.

Joey: I mean it. One way or another, I'll help you beat Pegasus.

Yuugi: [nods] Mmmm. Hah, that really means a lot to me, Joey. I'm glad we're friends.

Joey: [fond look] Remember the first time we met?

Yuugi: I'll never forget it. It was all because of the Millennium Puzzle.

[successive images of Yuugi assembling the Puzzle are shown as he speaks]

Yuugi: The way Grandpa explained it to me, the Puzzle was originally found in some Egyptian ruins. My Grandpa gave it to me and kind of dared me to solve it. It was the most incredible thing I'd ever seen. As soon as I touched it, I knew it was special. I made a wish on the Puzzle. I asked it to give me a real friend. And I think the puzzle came through for me. That was when I met up with you and Tristan. Although you sure didn't act like my friends at first.

Joey: Hah, you mean when we were playing keep away with the Millennium Puzzle? It was for you, man. We just wanted to toughen you up so you could stand up to the real bullies. We were only teasing you.

Yuugi: Teasing? You took a piece of the Millennium Puzzle and threw it out the window. And I was the one who helped you guys out when that bully picked on you.

Joey: He was a mean one alright.


Tristan: What do we do?

Joey: Shhh.

Bully: Well look who just showed up, it's little Yuugi. Just in time to watch me wipe the floor with these guys.

Yuugi: Get back! Leave them alone!

Bully: Who's going to stop me? A little shrimp like you? I don't think so. Get lost.

Yuugi: [stands between the Tristan and Joey and the bully and holds up hands defensively] I won't let you. These guys are my friends.

Joey: Huh?

Bully: [laughs] Okay, tough guy. You jumped to the head of the line. Say your prayers, you runt. [hits him repeatedly]

Yuugi: [groans]


Joey: You stood up for us, Yuugi. I'll never forget that. Because of you, we got that moron expelled. And Tristan and I learned what it was like to have a true friend.

Yuugi: Well, at least you retrieved the lost puzzle piece. If you hadn't done that, I could never have solved the Millennium Puzzle.


Joey: I want to apologize to you, Yuugi. I've been acting like a real jerk.

Yuugi: Oh, were you acting?

Joey: [laughs] Guess I deserved that one. If you ask me, I think Tristan and I may've underestimated you.

Yuugi: Huh?

Joey: You know, Yuugi. You're a tougher kid than I ever gave you credit for. Maybe we should hang out more often. What do you say?

Yuugi: [nods] Mmm.


Joey: The truth of the matter is, you're the best friend I've ever had.

Yuugi: Yeah! Too bad you can't go with me to rescue Grandpa.

Joey: Don't worry. Some how, some way, I promise we'll do it together.

Yuugi: Huh?! Together?!

Joey: You bet. We're a team, Yuugi.

Yuugi: But how can you go without an invitation?

Joey: Hmmm....

[cut to exterior of ferry to Duelist Kingdom]

Lackey 1: Attention all duelists. Welcome to this event sponsored by Industrial Illusions. You recieved with your invitation, the star chips that will grant you entry into the contest. You are all elite, invited by us after close observation of your past Duel Monsters contests. You each have a fair and equal chance to win. It all comes down to how well you've chosen your cards and how well you play. Now then duelists, cross the ocean and enter the Duelist Kingdom.

Lackey 2: Present your star chips as you board the vessle.

Lackey 3:Thank you. Next.

Lackey 4: Hey you, get out of here. Only official contestants are allowed on board.

Joey: How do you know I'm not official?

Lackey 4: Because the officail duelists aren't trying to sneak on board through the lower hatches.

Yuugi: Joey? What the-?

Lackey 5: Stop your struggling. We're going to have to throw you out.

Joey: No way. I came here to duel and I'm gonna duel.

Yuugi: Leave him alone.

Joey: Hey, Yuugi.

Yuugi: Joey! What're you doing here, Joey?

Joey: Hah. Did you really think I'd let you do this on your own? C'mon, help me out.

[cut to different part of exterior of ferry to Duelist Kingdom]

Téa: They're distracted. Let's go.

Tristan: Right.

[cut back to Joey and Yuugi]

Yuugi: He's with me. You've got to let him on.

Lackey 4: Only people with a star chip can get on board. There are no exceptions. Understand?

Yuugi: But Joey has a star chip. Didn't he tell you?

Joey: I do?

Yuugi: [holds out star chip] See? [gives it to Joey]

Joey: What's this?

Yuugi: According to this card, a star chip's proof that one is a duelist.

Lackey 5: That may be, but all participants are given two star chips. You'll be at a disadvantage.

Yuugi: Maybe. But I'd rather take that risk than be without my friend when we get to the Duelist Kingdom.

Joey: Yuugi.

Lackey 4: What do we do?

Lackey 5: [pulls out cell phone] Mr. Pegasus, we've got a problem, sir.

[cut to the deck of the ferry]

Téa: Whoa!

Tristan: Shh.

Téa: Don't you shush me, Tristan.

Tristan: Pipe down.

[the ferry is shown pulling away from the dock]

[cut to exterior of the ship, Joey and Yuugi are leaning on the railing]

Yuugi: I'm glad they let you on board, Joey.

Joey: Only because you sacrificed one of your star chips for me. But if any of the other players find out we only have one star chip each, they could really try to take advantage of us.

Yuugi: Then be quiet about it.

Mai: [walks up behind them] Hmmmm.

Joey: Kinda exciting, isn't it Yuugi?

Yuugi: Yeah.

Mai: Well what do we have here?

Joey and Yuugi: Huh?

Joey: [blushes] Wow.

Mai: So, you're the Yuugi kid everybody's talking about, huh?

Joey: Whoa. Check it out.

Mai: But I'm amazed that a squirt like you could beat Kaiba. You're famous, you know.

Yuugi: Uh, thanks very much. I think...

Joey: Hey miss, I'm a really good friend of Yuugi, the master duelist, in fact-

Mai: Look, you're either a champ or a chump. Cut this guy loose. He's fashion challenged and deserves to be crushed in the games. [walks off]

Joey: Please, crush me.

Mai: [looks back] I'll crush you all eventually. The name's Mai.

Téa: [from hiding] How arrogant. There's nobody better at playing Duel Monsters than Yuugi.

Tristan: Shhhh! Quiet, they'll hear you.

Téa: I don't care. He's still the best.

[cut to interior of ferry]

Joey: Hey, is this a joke or what? This is a luxery cruiser. I know you've got better rooms somewhere.

Lackey 4: [runs up and restrains Joey] You again? We cut you a break and now you're causing more trouble?

Lackey 5: Do you want to get thrown out of here?

[Weevil and Raptor walk up]

Weevil: Huh? Hey, aren't you that kid Yuugi?

Yuugi: Huh? Yeah. And you're-

Joey: Weevil. And Rex the dino duelist.

Raptor: Hah. You're wasting your time with those guys. The private rooms only go to champions from the last tournament, like us.

Yuugi: Congratulations on winning the regionals, Weevil.

Weevil: It was nothing.

Raptor: Yeah. I went easy on him. That time.

Joey: Yeah? Well this time, Yuugi and I are going to take the tournament. Right Yuugi?

Weevil: To tell you the truth, winning the last championship didn't feel like that much of an achievement. I guess I can't really call myself a champion until I defeat the duelist who beat Kaiba. But I'm sure I'll end up battling you in the big tournament, Yuugi. Frankly, I look forward to it.

Yuugi: I look forward to it too.

Raptor: I'm looking forward to some dino demolition.

Weevil: Let me tell you a little secret. It's something none of the other players know about the games yet.

Yuugi: Oh, isn't that cheating?

Weevil: The other duelists will find out soon enough. But there are no rules on the island that require more strategy.

Raptor: Ahh, rules are for wimps. In dueling you either smash your opponent or get smashed yourself. It's one or the other.

Joey: Strength is good, but you also need to combine them with other types of cards.

Raptor: Who asked you? Stay out of my way, or I'll stomp you, like everyone else. [walks away]

Joey: We'll see who stomps who when we get to the island.

Weevil: Ignore him. Let's scope out the competition.

Joey: What d'ya mean?

Weevil: Check out those chumps. They're already trading over there. Players here are swapping cards and strengthening their decks, getting ready for the big tournament. It's also a good chance to get a feel for your opponent's cards.

Yuugi: Oh, I bet this is how Weevil gets so much insight into his opponent's strategy.

Joey: Oh! Strong cards! Hey, wanna trade? How about you? Anybody? Help me out here.

Yuugi: Guess Joey's trading.

Weevil: If you've come all this way and you're still trying to improve your deck, you've got to be pretty desperate. I'll catch you on the flip side.

[cut to hallway]

Mai: [advancing on lackey] This is truly, truly outragous. You expect a lady like me to stay in this dump without even a shower?

Lackey: [retreats] Rules are rules, ma'am. There's nothing I can do.

Mai: Call your superior. Get him on the phone right now.

Raptor: [walks over] Keep acting up and they'll throw you off the boat.

Mai: Who do you think you are?

Raptor: A champion with a luxery room.

Mai: Really? Could I see it?

Raptor: You bet. [blushing] Come check it out.

[cut to exterior of ferry]

Tristan: Hey, Téa, stay down or we're busted.

Téa: [shivers] But it's freezing out here. I can't sit still.

Tristan: [laughs] In another few hours the sun will rise. Hah!

Téa: [growls] That's not funny, Tristan.

[door opens]

Tristan: Get down!

[Ryou Bakura walks out of door]

Téa: Look, isn't that Bakura?

Tristan: Bakura? You mean Bakura from school?

Téa: What do you think he's doing here?

Tristan: Uhh. I guess he's in the tournament.

[cut to private room]

Raptor: So, what do you think of my cool digs?

Mai: It's beautiful. You must be quite a strong card player.

Raptor: I am.

Mai: [laughs] Really? I love Duel Monsters. How about we play a game?

Raptor: Hah. Who do you think you're talking to. There's no way you could beat me.

Mai: Please? Let me try.

Raptor: You'd never win.

Mai: Tell you what, if you win I'll give you a kiss.

Raptor: Huh? [blushes, smiles]

[cut to exterior of the boat, Yuugi's sitting at a table and Joey's standing next to him]

Joey: Yuugi, I got some good card trading in.

Yuugi: Hey, let me see them. Salamandra and a Kunai with Chain. Baby Dragon and Shield and Sword! Great! With these new magic cards combined with your monsters, you'll have a real strong deck.

Joey: Alright. So now I'm ready to win every duel I play.

Yuugi: I think you're going to find it's a bit harder than that, Joey. Here. [reaches into box, pulls out Time Wizard] Add this to your deck. It can be helpful in a tight spot.

Joey: [takes card] Thanks. I'll take it. I can't get over how you're always helping me out.

Weevil: Ahh, we meet again.

Yuugi: Ah, Weevil.

[cut back to Raptor's private room]

Mai: Okay then, cut the cards.

Raptor: Playing with your deck, huh? [laughs] This'll be a snap.

Mai: Hmmmm.

Raptor: What if you win?

Mai: If I win, you agree to clear out of the room for the rest of the trip. Okay?

Raptor: Clear out? I'm not gonna lose. You've got a deal.

Mai: Hmmmm. The first card is Shadow of Eyes.

Raptor: [flips card] How'd you do that?

Mai: The second card is Harpy's Lady. Then Elogant Egotist. Followed by Cyber Shield.

Raptor: Oh no. She's right again.

Mai: [laughs] This is my own card technique. I always know what cards I have and can pick any one I like at any time. So, go ahead and deal 'em, Rex.

Raptor: [frozen smile] Oh, I think I'm in trouble.

[cut to exterior of boat]

Weevil: Ahh, the evening wind sure feels nice. So, did you trade for any good cards, Yuugi?

Yuugi: Nah. I'm gonna duel with the cards I brought along with me.

Weevil: I figured as much. You used the Exodia cards in your duel with Kaiba, right? Those are the strongest cards of them all.

Yuugi: And really rare.

Weevil: Could I possibly see those legendary cards?

Yuugi: I don't see why not. Just be careful with them. Okay?

Weevil: [glasses glint] Hah.

Yuugi: [rumages through box] Here!

Weevil: So these are the cards to summon Exodia. For a long time, I've been trying to come up with some kind of strategy to finally beat these cards. But I couldn't come up with anything. Until just this moment. [walks toward edge of boat]

Yuugi: Huh?

Weevil: [throws cards off edge of boat]

Yuugi: No!

Weevil: [laughs] Now there's no one who can challenge me.

Joey: Why you-!

Yuugi: My cards! Those were the Exodia cards that my grandpa gave me.

Joey: I'll get 'em! [jumps over the railing and into the water]

Yuugi: Joey, don't! Joey, where are you?!

Joey: I promise you, I'll get them, Yuugi!

Yuugi: Joey, they're not worth drowning over.

Joey: Don't worry, Yuugi. Look, there. I got one of them.

Yuugi: Joey, swim back to the ship.

Joey: No way. At least this time there's something I can do to help someone I care about. [goes under for a moment] Current sure is strong though. It's hard to fight. But if I punk out now, who's going to help my sister, Serenity? [grabs a card] Just three more now. [is pulled under]

Yuugi: Joey! [dives into water] Joey! Hold on!

Joey: Yuugi, just three more. [goes under]

Yuugi: Joey! [pulls him back up]

Téa: Yuugi!

Tristan: Are you okay? [unrolls a ladder down to the water]

Téa: Grab ahold!

Tristan: Hurry!

Yuugi: Téa, Tristan!

[cut to hallway]

Mai: Get out, loser. And thanks for the room, Rex.

[cut to exterior of ship]

Yuugi: That was close. I'm sure glad you two guys showed up. Really glad.

Téa: We're a team. We'll all stick together.

Tristan: We'll always watch your back.

Yuugi: Thanks a lot, you guys.

Joey: I'm sorry, Yuugi.

Yuugi: Huh?!

Joey: I failed. I only found two of your cards.

Yuugi: It's okay, Joey.

Joey: It's not okay. It's always this way with me. I'm never able to help anybody. Not even my own sister, Serenity.

Yuugi: Serenity?

Téa: Really? You have a sister, Joey?

Joey: Our parents divorced years ago, when we were kids. She lives far away with my mother. My sister's had really bad eyes since she was born. Eventually she'll go blind.

Yuugi: I'm sorry.

Joey: Thanks, Yug'. She sent me a message.


Serenity: I was hoping to see you one last time.


Joey: The doctors told her that the time has come. Soon her eyes will be impossible to repair, even with surgery. But there are specialists who could perform an operation now, before it's too late. They could save her eyesight. But... there's no way I can pay for the operation. I have to win. For her! Winning in the Duelist Kingdom, and getting the prize money, is the only way I can help Serenity!

[cut to dawn, bow of ship]

[cue uplifting music]

Yuugi: We'll both do our best, Joey! You, for your sister. And me, for my grandpa.

Téa: That's right. We'll do this together.

Tristan: Look, the island!

Yuugi: That's the Duelist Kingdom. That's it. We're almost there.

[cue endtheme]

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