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YuGiOh! Episode 01


Episode 01: Harsh Battle! Yami-no-Game.

Japanese, fansubbed. (No other language options available.)

Run time: 00:24:40

[Opening Theme: Kawaita Sakebi]

[scene starts out in a desert. Men are digging.]

Professor: Amazing! No thief has plundered this place yet.

[scene switches to the Box with the Puzzle]

Man2: Professor! That over there...

Professor: This box is... If I become numb and faint, then it's a sign of a Yami No Game.

[The professor clutches his neck and collapses, just as he was about to touch the box.]

Man2: Professor! Professor! Please hang in there!

Professor: This is the Curse of Panseru!

[Episode Title: Harsh Battle. Yami no Game.]

[scene switches to Domino School.]

Voice: It's break time!

Boy: Let's play some basketball!

Boy2: Let's wait for the girls.

[Scene switches to Yuugi sitting at his desk, building a house of cards.]

Boy 3: Hey, Yuugi!

[Yuugi's House of Cards collapses.]

Boy 3: Don't just play by yourself. Why don't you play basketball with us?

Yuugi: Yeah...but what if the team I join loses?

Boy 3: That's true too.

[The boy exits the classroom]

Boy 3: Okay, well, I'm off.

[Yuugi's sitting in the classroom alone, picking up his cards.]

Yuugi: I wish I could play a game with everyone, once in a while. And I brought so many games to school in my bag.

Yuugi: I know! Today I'm going to solve it! The treasure I always carry around!

[Yuugi places the box with the Puzzle onto his desk.]

Yuugi: Though my treasure is inside this box, it's an absolute secret. It's a puzzle. The treasure inside this box. Though you can see it, it's something never seen before. Well then, let's take a look!

[Yuugi opens the box]

Yuugi: The answer is...

[The box is snatched out of Yuugi's hands by Jounouchi.]

Yuugi: Jounouchi!

Jounouchi: Yuugi, what are you looking at, all by yourself? "Can see but never seen..." Looking at things that don't make sense.

Yuugi: Please return it! Return it...

[Jounouchi throws the box up in the air, hops over a desk, and catches it.]

Jounouchi: Yes. Always going on about how precious this box is... You know, Yuugi, you're acting that way. It just doesn't bear well, and I can't leave it like that. I'll guide you on how to be a man. Yeah, that's it! You want to get this box back, right? Then come at me with all your force!

Yuugi: But I hate fighting and violence!

Jounouchi: You don't have any guts but you sure have a loud voice.

Yuugi: Give me back my box!

Honda: That's right. Stop it, Jounouchi.

Jounouchi: Oh, something you want?

Honda, Student President of the first year students wants to fulfil his duty as a soldier of comfort, and become the janitor.

Honda: Not a janitor, an honor student!

Jounouchi: Your voice is loud too.

Honda: Yes. As you said, I'm now Student President. And from this position, I have become a great person. I was intended to be the Master Brain.

[Jounouchi is ignoring Honda's speech, and bends down to Yuugi's level.]

Jounouchi: By the way, what's in the box?

Yuugi: It's okay if you look, but don't tell anyone, because it's really valuable.

[Honda is still talking in the background. Jounouchi peeks inside the box.]

Honda: Listen to people when they are speaking!

Jounouchi: What the? Boring thing...

[Anzu snatches the box out of Jounouchi's hands as she's walking into the classroom.]

Jounouchi and Honda: Mazaki!

Yuugi: Anzu!

Anzu: If it's boring, then give it back right away! Bullying those weaker than you makes you look boring. Much more boring.

Jounouchi: I'm not bullying the weak!

I'm telling Yuugi to act like a ma-...

Anzu: Quiet!

[Miho walks in]

Honda: Miho-chan!

Anzu: Sorry, I wasn't talking to you,


Miho: Oh, I was so surprised. The cafeteria line is so long, I still haven't had anything for lunch.

Honda: Huh?! That's not good! I'll get you something right away!

Jounouchi: Wait, I'll come too!

[Both boys run off down the hallway.]

Anzu: Sheesh...those guys.

[Scene switches to Jounouchi and Honda walking]

Jounouchi: Dammit, she pisses me off.

Honda: Don't say bad things about Miho-chan.

Jounouchi: Who's talking about Nosaka Miho? I'm talking about Mazaki.

Mazaki Anzu. Dammit. Who's bullying the weak?

[The guys bump into someone in the hall.]

Ushio: You two. What was that about bullying?

Jounouchi: Nothing at all. Mi-..

[Honda clamps Jounouchi's mouth shut.]

Honda: Nothing at all. Really!

Ushio: Bullying isn't good, bullying isn't...

[Ushio walks away]

Honda: Yes, we understand.

Ushio: Oh yes, make sure the school's common areas are cleaned well.

Honda: Yes.

[Ushio walks away]

Honda: Gone, eh?

[removes hand from Jounouchi's mouth]

Jounouchi: Damn you, that hurt!

Honda: you know who that was? It was Ushio. He enforces all the school's regulations. A really strong person.

Jounouchi: I wonder about that. Unless you don't put those kind of people to the test, you'll never know for sure.

Honda: Don't talk crap!

[Scene goes back to Yuugi and Anzu, in the classroom]

Yuugi: Truly amazing. They were pretty shocked by what Anzu said.

Anzu: Those kind of people get worse if you keep quiet. Yuugi. stand up for yourself, and let them have it once in a while.

Yuugi: But Jounouchi-kun isn't such a bad person...

Anzu: It's because you say things like that. That's why you get made fun of. Anyway, what's this?

Yuugi: Oh, right! I haven't shown

this to Anzu either... If you keep it a secret, I'll show it to you.

Anzu: Yeah, I will, so show me, show me!

[Yuugi opens the box. Inside lies a puzzle, not completed.]

Anzu: It's pretty!

[She picks up a piece.]

Anzu: Is this some sort of artwork? Though it's in pieces.

Yuugi: It's a puzzle. I haven't completed it yet, so I don't know what it looks like. In other words, something you see, but you haven't seen before.

Anzu: I see.

Yuugi: Since my family owns a game store, we have games from many countries. I found this in a corner of the shop's interior, hidden under the dust. It's supposed to be a strange puzzle discovered in the ruins of Egypt.

Anzu: Egypt, eh?

Yuugi: Look! The front of this box has this strange thing drawn on it, right? According to my interpretation, what's written here is - "The person who solves this puzzle can ask me to fulfill one wish." Or so it seems! I may have been a little too dramatic.... Aren't you making fun of me? With those eyes?

Anzu: No, that's not true. So, what is it, this wish?

Yuugi: No, no! This is a definite, definite, definite secret, okay?

[Scene goes back to Jounouchi and

Honda. Jounouchi uncurls his fist to reveal a piece of the puzzle.]

Honda: What's that?

Jounouchi: I just snatched it from Yuugi. I just saw it for a moment, but it definitely looked like a puzzle. Meaning if even one piece if missing, his treasure stops being a treasure.

Honda: Jounouchi, you've always been a hopeless fellow. But you really are hopeless... Why don't you try to lighten up? [Note: A direct translation(according to the fan-subbers) is "Give wings to your heart's beauty."]

Jounouchi: By the way, weren't you going to buy a lunch?

[Scene switches to Miho.]

Miho: I'm so hungry.

[Back to Honda and Jounouchi.]

Honda: I haven't gone!

[Honda runs off.]

[Jounouchi looks at the puzzle piece,

before tossing it into the river.]

Jounouchi: What treasure? Always acting like a child! Yuugi, you moron. That's what makes me sick.

[Scene switches to Ushio training

Hall Monitors.]

Ushio: Alright! We, in order to protect the regulations, exert!

Hall Monitors: Exertion! Exertion!


Ushio: First. In order to protect

justice, we fight!

Hall monitors: Fight! Fight! Fight!

[Yuugi is standing off to the side.]

Yuugi: Ah! The Disciplinary Group. They look pretty good.

[Yuugi starts to walk away, but Ushio stops him.]

Ushio: Just hold on there, you. You're Mutou Yuugi-kun, right?

Yuugi: Yes.

Ushio: Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you. Aren't you being bullied by people in your class?

Yuugi: Huh? I don't think that's true.

Ushio: Just wait. It's because you are a nice person, that you answer in such a manner. I have investigated, and came to this conclusion. But you can rest peacefully, Yuugi-kun. From this day forward, I, Ushio, will take the responsibility of being your bodyguard.

Yuugi: But I truthfully don't have that kind of trouble, so... Please excuse me.

[Yuugi runs off.]

Yuugi: What's up with that strange guy?

Ushio: Yuugi-kun. With me, Ushio, behind you, your school life will become a bright one.

[At the Kame-Game Shop.]

Yuugi: I'm home!

[He sees Anzu waiting for him.]

Yuugi: Anzu!

Anzu: It's been a while since I came over to play.

Jii-chan: You're late, Yuugi!

Yuugi: I'm home, grandpa!

Jii-chan: But speaking of which, Anzu-chan. It's been a while since the last time I saw you. You've become quite big, especially your bra. It looks to be about 80 cm around.

Anzu: What's wrong with this old man?

Jii-chan: On a different note, Yuugi. I heard from Anzu-chan that you still haven't given up on that puzzle.

Yuugi: Who's going to give up?

Jii-chan: That puzzle is for a person with intellect. It's impossible for you. Plus, there are many stories surrounding it.

Anzu: Stories?

Jii-chan: The Sennen Puzzle was found by an archaeological team taught by Dr. Stein in a tomb with the symbols of an Iris. Soon, after obtaining the puzzle, the members of the expedition

all mysteriously started dying. And the last one to die named it this before dying. Yami-no-Game...

Anzu: Yuugi, this puzzle seems dangerous somehow.

Yuugi: I wonder what the Yami-no-Game is. I'm interested.

Jii-chan: Look. This symbol engraved on the box... "The one who wields me will have the power of the Wisdom of Darkness." That is it's meaning.

Yuugi: So that means. That's right! Wishes will be fulfilled! I can't wait! I'm definitely going to complete it!

Jii-chan: Actually, just give it back! I have a buyer for it!

Yuugi: I was only able to look at it in school! Forget it!

[Night-time. Yuugi is in his room, trying to solve the puzzle.]

Yuugi: This isn't right!

[Jii-chan is standing outside the door.]

Jii-chan: He's still working on it. He's been at it for eight hours, and still hasn't given up. Truly, my grandson. But whoever completes that puzzle will have to take on the Yami-no-Game. What kind of severe consequences could there be? It might be good to let him complete it. [Note: If you go by the anime, Yuugi is working on the puzzle for 8 hours, however, if you read the early manga, it states in Vol1, that he's working on it for 8 years.]

[Domino school. The next day.]

Ushio: Yuugi-kun, could I have a word with you?

Yuugi: What is it that you want to

show me, Ushio-san?

Ushio: Well, just come with me.

[They enter an alley, where a bunch of guys have beaten up Honda and Jounouchi.]

Honda: Ouch.

Yuugi: Jounouchi-kun, Honda-kun!

Ushio: How's that, Yuugi-kun?

Yuugi: What the...

Ushio: It's like I said, Yuugi-kun. I am your bodyguard. That's why I punished those bullies.

Yuugi: No way! Ushio-san, this is too cruel! Are you alright, Jounouchi-kun, Honda-kun?

Jounouchi: You...Yuugi, are you satisfied?

Yuugi: You're wrong! You think I would ask for something so cruel?

Ushio: Move it, Yuugi! The punishment is not yet finished.

[Ushio kicks Jounouchi, and Yuugi runs in front of them, with his arms spread out.]

Yuugi: Stop! No more!

Ushio: Oh my, Yuugi-kun. Are you covering for them? You're a pretty

strange fellow. This is your change to get revenge for all your hatred on them. Hit them! Kick them!

Yuugi: There is no way I can do that to my friends!

Jounouchi: Friends?

Ushio: You're a pretty happy-go-lucky fellow. Friends, you say? They are the two who were bullying you and took your puzzle.

Yuugi: That wasn't bullying.

Jounouchi-kun did that to make me more of a man.

Ushio: You're indeed a strange fellow. Well, fine. Now then, Yuugi-kun. It's time for you to pay me.

Bodyguard charge, ¥2000. [Note: In the manga, it was ¥200,000, which is more believable, since ¥2000 is only about 18 US dollars. However, ¥200,000 is around 1600 US dollars.]

Yuugi: ¥2000?!

[Back in Yuugi's room, later that day.]

Yuugi: What do I do? He said ¥2000. There's no way I can pay so much, is there? What to do, what to do? What's wrong with me? At such a time I'm working on the puzzle. It's not the right time for that. But it's like I always knew how to. What's this? I'm feeling so awful, but slowly, slowly, the puzzle is falling into place.

There! Great! Maybe! Maybe! Yes! It's done! Now if I place the last piece, it will be complete!

[He reaches into the box, however, it's empty.]

Yuugi: Huh? The last piece...This can't be!

[At the bay. Jounouchi and Honda are walking near the place where the last piece lies under water.]

Jounouchi: That's why I said it. No telling what that kind of guy will do.

Honda: Isn't that what I said?

Jounouchi: Is that so. Does it really matter who said it?

[Yuugi's voice-over: There is no way I can do that to my friends!]

Honda: Anyway, as the Honor

Student...Are you listening?

[Jounouchi jumps into the river.]

Honda: Hey...HEY!

[Yuugi is running]

Yuugi: If I don't get that piece, I can't complete the puzzle, and then my wish won't be fulfilled! Please, be at school!

Ushio: Yo, Yuugi!

Yuugi: Ushio-san!

Ushio: Did you bring the bodyguard charge? That's a good boy.

Yuugi: You've got it wrong. I just came for something I forgot. I'm sure I forgot it at school. Also, it's impossible for me...

Ushio: Is that so? Looks like you need a major lesson.

[Back to Jounouchi, who manages to find the last piece of the puzzle on the bottom of the river.]

Jounouchi: Alright! I found it!

[Honda throws him a towel.]

Honda: As the Honor Student, I can't leave things that are dirty as they are. But replace that towel with a new one, okay?

Jounouchi: What was that? You damn miser!

[Honda looks aside, to see Ushio leading Yuugi away.]

Honda: That guy!

[In an alley. Ushio kicks Yuugi in the back, and Yuugi falls.]

Ushio: That's all for today. Tomorrow, I'll show you a real lesson.

[Jounouchi and Honda run up.]

Jounouchi: Hey!

Ushio: What's this? It's the bully group.

[Jounouchi kneels in front of Yuugi.]

Jounouchi: Yuugi! Hey! Hang in there.

Yuugi: I really want to finish the puzzle.

[Jounouchi places the last piece into Yuugi's hand.]

Honda: Ushio-san. Until today, I respected you. But this.

Jounouchi: You won't get off for free!

Ushio: Do you think you could ever defeat me?

[Jounouchi and Honda attack Ushio.]

Yuugi: I asked the puzzle for a wish. I want true friends. No matter the situation, I won't betray them, or be betrayed.

[As Yuugi's thinking that, we see Ushio beating up Jounouchi and Honda.]

Ushio: Those who go against me become like this. Remember that.

[He walks away.]

Yuugi: Jounouchi-kun! Honda-kun! No good. I can't stand up. At this time, I...

[Yuugi realizes he had the missing puzzle piece in his hand.]

Yuugi: This is...

[Yuugi places the last piece it. The puzzle lights up, a shadow on the wall behind Yuugi emerges, and grows, a glowing third eye appearing on the shadow's forehead. A beam of light, a gust of wind, Yuugi's body becomes possessed by the spirit of the puzzle. Ushio turns around.]

Yami: Come. Let's play a game.

[Ushio find himself on the side of a sloped building, with a rope around him that is tied to a pole on top of the building.]

Ushio: Huh? What is this?

[Yami is standing, leaning on the pole.]

Ushio: Damn you, Yuugi!

Yami: Yo! Ushio-san. What you want is here.

Ushio: What? You mean the money? So you brought it, eh? Then you didn't need to have been put into that situation. Come, hand it over quickly!

Yami: Giving it so easily is boring.

Ushio: What was that?

Yami: How about playing a game with me?

Ushio: Game?

Yami: Also, it's not a normal game. It's a Yami-no-Game.

Ushio: Sounds interesting. I haven't lost, no matter what game! I'll take you on!

Yami: That's just like Ushio-san. With that...

[Yami jumps down the sloped building. He has a rope around his waist as well. As he jumps, he spreads a deck of regular cards on the slope.]

Yami: The rules are simple. We take turns drawing cards. You can only climb up the number indicated on the card, while the other person lowers the same amount. The fastest one making it to the top can obtain the prize.

Ushio: Okay, got it. I'll go first. 10 of Diamonds! How do you like that, Yuugi? I'm going to save myself. One, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

[Yami picks up a card.]

Yami: This one is a Jack.

Ushio: What?

[Yami climbs up, Ushio picks up a card.]

Ushio: 2 of Spades. How's that, soon I'll pass you.

Yami: That's not true. Queen of Spades.

Ushio: What was that? 3 of Diamonds!

Yami: 9 of Hearts.

Ushio: 6 of Clubs!

Yami: Jack of Spades.

[Yami is almost at the top, Ushio is hanging off the sloped building.]

Yami: What's wrong, Ushio-san? Nothing left in you? With one step, I'm at the top.

Ushio: Shut up. If I get the right card, the tables will turn.

[He pulls a card. It's a Joker!]

Ushio: Joker?

Yami: Isn't it a shame, Ushio-san? The Joker is the end of the line. My turn.

Ushio: What was that? Don't kid around with me! You planned this from the start, didn't you?

[Yami picks up a card.]

Yami: Ace of Diamonds. I win.

Ushio: I won't forgive you!

[Ushio starts climbing up the building.]

Yami: Are you breaking the rules? Doing such a thing will result in very bad consequences.

Ushio: Shut up!

[He swings a punch at Yami, which Yami dodges.]

Yami: Just like I though, you couldn't obey the rules.

[Ushio rips Yami's rope, Yami starts falling off the roof.]

Ushio: I did it! What's this? This isn't money!

Yami: The door to the darkness has opened.

Ushio: What the...?

[He slips, and falls off the roof. Yami didn't fall because he got his puzzle caught into the side of the building.]

Yami: The Yami-no-Game exposes a person's true nature. You are lost in the darkness of your own desires.

Ushio: What the? It's fine. It's not like I will really die.

[Suddenly, some beasts shoot out of the water and open their jaws. Ushio screams.]

[Domino School, the next day.]

Person: It's Ushio-san!

People: Ushio-san! What's wrong?

Ushio: Mommy..I'm scared!

[Ushio is curled up in fetal position, crying, surrounded by students.]

Person: What's wrong? Hang in there!

[Scene switches to a group of girls.]

Girl1: Did you hear? Ushio-san, right? He experienced a great shock.

Girl2: I wonder what it could be? Such a guy could...

[Yuugi is walking past the group, holding his puzzle.]

Yuugi: My treasure!

Jounouchi: Yo, Yuugi!

Yuugi: Jounouchi-kun! Good Morning!

Jounouchi: I also got a treasure, after looking at yours. Want to see it? Too bad. My treasure is special. Can be seen, but not seen. So I can't show it to you.

Jounouchi: What's wrong with me today?

Yuugi: You can see it, but you can't see it?

Jounouchi: It's friendship.

Yuugi: What?

Jounouchi: Even though you and me are friends, friendship can't be seen, right?

[Yuugi nods, and blushes.]

Jounouchi: What's wrong with me today, talking about such embarrassing things constantly?

Jounouchi: So now then...Class is about to start!

[A blushing Jounouchi runs off, leaving his shoe behind.]

Yuugi: Jounouchi-kun! You left your shoe behind!

[Cue closing theme, Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo.]

Notes: Well, first off, same spelling note as always. If you see something, say something.(Yes, I totally stole that from the MTA posters in NY subways. XD)

YES, this is the First Series of YGO, the one never aired in the US, or translated into English? Yep, this one. XD

And aww, Jounouchi and Yuugi get blush-y at the end, both of them. XDD Haha, lovely! :D

Enjoy the transcript, this has taken me far too long, and it's over 16 pages long. (It was 25 originally, but that's because the format was off.) And sorry for the long delay, I can't seem to find the time to transcribe much, with school and exams and all. ¬¬

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  • Abridged Series, Episode 11.

    More or less by request of cruxis, who wanted to know if transcripts of littlekuriboh's Abridged Series are available…

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