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YuGiOh! Duel Monsters. Episode 116.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

Episode 116: Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn.

Japanese, with English Subtitles.

Run-time: 00:23:37

[Cue opening theme: Wild Drive]

Kaiba's voice-over of what happened in the previous episode: Noa, though you pretend to be the creator to justify your pathetic past, you can't overcome me. It won't matter if your Deck Master is the strongest, the most invincible. I'll surpass you. The mockery is over! Allow me to bring an end to this duel! What? Mokuba! You mean you'll stand against me?

[Episode title: Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn.]

[Scene switches to the duel. Mokuba is standing in-front of Noa, with his arms spread out]

[Noa's LP: 400]

[Kaiba's LP: 700]

Kaiba: Mokuba...

[Scene switches to the Yuugi-tachi, and then back to Noa and Mokuba]

Noa: As I've sealed his painful memory, it seems he doesn't remember you.

Kaiba: [grunts]

Mokuba: Big Brother's enemy is my enemy. (Note: In this, Mokuba is referring to Noa as "big brother.)

[Scene switches back to the Yuugi-tachi]

Jounouchi: [grunts]

Yuugi: Mokuba-kun...

[scene switches back to Noa]

Noa: What's wrong, Seto? You're not attacking. Because of Dragon Scales' effect if you attack once more, you'll cut off my life. But, would Mokuba's spirit survive this damage?

Kaiba: You bastard.

Jounouchi: Damn, that son of a bitch!

Noa: Okay, Seto. Come on and attack.

Kaiba: [grunts]

Otogi: But so far, if Noa has any flaws, we haven't seen them. If Kaiba-kun lets this chance go, his chances of winning are....

Shizuka: Even though...

Kaiba: [his hand shakes] Mokuba...

[scene switches to Mokuba, and then back to Kaiba]

Kaiba: I'll end this turn.

Yuugi: Kaiba-kun.

Noa: [laughs] That's right, it's impossible to escape this predicament. All you have to look forward to, is giving up your body, a human sacrifice. Mokuba! Well done! Come over here.

[Mokuba runs over to Noa's side]

Noa: My brother, stay here and watch as I beat this guy.

Mokuba: Yes, big brother!

Kaiba: [grunts]

Noa: It's my turn! Heaven and Earth's fourth round. I'll activate the Deck Master, Miracle Ark's third ability.

Kaiba: The third ability?

Noa: Yes! Miracle Ark's third ability is life recovery!

(Note: I use "Miracle Ark" even though the real card is called "Shinato's Ark." I'm using "Miracle Ark" because that's what I hear them saying in the sub. XD)

[Monsters previously absorbed by the Ark]

Anzu: The monsters in the ark...

Noa: Sacrificing the monsters I took on the Ark - I can gain 500 LP for each one. There are 12 monsters on the ark. So I gain 6000 LP.

[Noa's LP: 6400]

[Scene switches to Kaiba, who has 700 LP]

Jounouchi: Noa's LP are now 6400!

Yuugi: The Life Recovery... He didn't use it until now because he wanted to use Mokuba-kun to hurt Kaiba-kun!

Jounouchi: That bastard!

Noa: I'll activate a magic card, Black Hole! This card destroys all monsters on the field.

[Monsters from the field disappear into the arc]

Anzu: The ark is filled with monsters again!

Otogi: The perpetual loop of absolute defense and life recovery! Is that Deck Master unbeatable?

Honda: There's no way to win!

Noa: My turn is over. What's wrong Seto? It's your turn!

Kaiba: Mokuba. In my heart, I swore to become your father and protect you. I didn't treat you well at that time.

[flashback to when Kaiba and Mokuba were younger. Kaiba hits Mokuba]

Kaiba's voice-over: But no matter what happened , you at least would still be a part of the Kaiba family.

[Kaiba pushes Mokuba on the floor]

Kaiba: Throw him out!

[End flashback]

Kaiba: I didn't use you.

[Flashback. Gozaburo is sitting with his lackeys. Mokuba is talking to Seto]

Mokuba: My cards are yours, Big Brother!

Kaiba's voiceover: And using a strategy only you and I understood, our bond defeated Gozaburo. I believed this was the only way to save us.

[End flashback]

Kaiba: Mokuba. There must be some way to save you.

Yuugi: Kaiba-kun! You've got to believe in Mokuba-kun!

Kaiba: Yuugi...

Yuugi: I fought with Jounouchi-kun in Malik's trap. IN that crisis, my bond with Jounouchi-kun saved us. You have to continue fighting. You have to continue fighting to awaken the bond between you and Mokuba-kun!

Kaiba: Our bond? That's it. There is a card that proves my bond with Mokuba!

Noa: [laughs] Friends have such kind advice.

Kaiba: Don't misunderstand me. I take orders from no one. I'll continue to fight with my own will. My turn!

Kaiba: [draws a card] Not this one.

Kaiba: Come back from the other dimension, Twilight Zone Dragon! I place Twilight Zone Dragon into defense mode. My turn is over.

Noa: Heaven and Earth's fifth turn!

[The virtual environment changes. The snow is replaced by grass.]

Anzu: The field's changing again.

Noa: The creatures on the surface complete their evolution. Modern civilization is born!

[Buldings appear in the background, including Kaiba Corp. Scene zooms in to Kaiba Corp building, and then back to the Yuugi-tachi.]

Shizuka: Look, big brother!

Jounouchi: That is...

Kaiba: Kaiba Corporation.

Noa: Yes. That's the castle I should live in. Kaiba corporation. Time has arrived to present. Seto, I'll show you the weapons Kaiba Corporation created, and why they are truly amazing.

Noa: [draws card] Super Fighter Vic Viper!

[scene cuts to Kaiba-Corp building. The roof opens, and a platform with the Vic Viper rises. The Vic Viper flies off into the sky, disappears, and then shown flying from Noa's card onto the filed.]

[Vic Viper: ATK: 1200 DEF: 800]

Noa: Now, I set Cyclon Laser, a magic card!

[A lazer attaches to Vic Viper, and it's ATK increases to 1500]

Noa: I play the equipment magic card, Supply Adjustment! With this card, whenever I attack a monster, Vic Viper gains 100 more ATK points. Whenever Vic Viper attacks a monster who's defense is lower than Vic Viper's ATK, the difference comes out of the opponent's life-points. (Note: that sentence is greatly paraphrased. It didn't make sense to me at all, so I had to look up the real card to get the interpretation. XD) The target is Twilight Zone Dragon! Cyclon Laser, fire!

[Kaiba's LP drop to 600, as Vic Viper attacks]

Noa: Twilight Zone Dragon can't be beaten by magic, or in battle. This is the perfect monster to tear you down, piece by piece.

Honda: Noa, that jerk! He's planning to attack Kaiba, until his life-points drop to zero.

Jounouchi: Kaiba...think of something!

Yuugi: Kaiba-kun.

Kaiba: My turn! Draw!

Kaiba: [draws] Not this card... I'll keep Twilight Zone Dragon in defense mode, and end this turn.

Noa: Of course. You have nothing else to do. Suffer all you like, Seto. The pain on your face is a joy to see.

Kaiba: Subjecting even strangers to the pain you received yourself is a vulgar thought. If you pretend to be the creator in this way, I'm surprised. I'm not in doubt about Gozaburo giving you up.

Noa: Shut up, Seto! Father's trust in me is strong! I worked very hard for Father! I never betrayed Father's expectations. I'll be revived as a human with the intelligence I have now. Then, I'll set up the Kaiba Kingdom that Father failed to complete. Father will be glad to watch over me. He'll say, "Noa, my one and only son!" Heaven and Earth's sixth turn. I call on "Option!" Option's special ability is to become a copy of the Vic Viper that's on the field. Option! Become Vic Viper! Cyclon Laser! Fire!

[Twilight Zone Dragon is blasted. Kaiba almost falls, but manages to remain standing. His life-points drop to 500]

Noa: So, watch closely, Mokuba. Watch our enemy's face!

Mokuba: Yeah.

Kaiba: Mokuba...

Noa: Seto, it hurts, it hurts, doesn't it?! To be betrayed by a loved one. [laughs] My other monster hasn't attacked yet. Go, Vic Viper! Cyclon Laser, fire!

[Cyclon Laser fires. Kaiba falls backwards, as the Yuugi-tachi gasp. Kaiba struggles to get up, his life-points dropping to 400.]

Noa: What a state you're in, Seto.

Kaiba: Noa!

Jounouchi: Kaiba, get up! Don't give up!

Kaiba: Shut up, bonkotsu! I don't take orders from you. (Note: "bonkotsu" translates as "mediocre, ordinary person" but I didn't use that, since I couldn't fit it into the context of the sentence without making it sound awkward.)

Jounouchi: KAIBA, you bastard!

Shizuka: Big brother!

Noa: Fighting among friends? It's a symbol of defeated weak humans. Seto, with everything looking so hopeless, maybe I should give you the last hit. You think so, Mokuba?

Yuugi: Mokuba-kun, don't you care that Kaiba-kun is treated that way? You and Kaiba-kun help one-another all the time! Isn't there a bond between you two, no matter what?

[Mokuba clutches his head.]

Noa: Can it be that the seal of memory is broken?

Kaiba: Mokuba. I have reached my last turn. I can't fight against you, but as long as you're there, I could always continue to fight. Now, or in the future, that will never change. Mokuba! Wake up and remember!

[Flashback to young Seto walking in the Kaiba-household, with Mokuba clinging to his shirt.]

Kaiba's voice-over: We were adopted into the Kaiba family, and every day was hell, until I seemed about to break under it all.

[scene changes to young Seto falling on the couch from exhaustion. The butler places his textbook next to him.]

Kaiba's voice-over: But the card you gave me...

Young Seto: They are nothing but junk-cards.

[Young Seto flips through the deck, finding the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card Mokuba drew for him]

Kaiba's voiceover: That saved me.

[End Flashback]

Kaiba: When I saw the card you game me, I made up my mind, that one day, I'd show you a real one in my hand. I'd become a man worthy of owning that card!

[Flashback to Mokuba drawing the BEWD card. The card on the drawing becomes real, in Mokuba's fantasy, and Mokuba flies out the window of the Kaiba mansion in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.]

[End flashback. A Tear rolls down Mokuba's cheek.]

Mokuba: Big brother...

Kaiba: Without that card, I'd already be finished. Could I just have become worthy of that card? Could I be your brother?

[Mokube clutches his head.]

Kaiba: My turn! My deck connects Mokuba and me!

[Kaiba draws, with his eyes clenched shut, afraid to look. He opens one eye to look at the card he drew.]

Kaiba: I set one card face-down, and activate Kaiser Seahorse's Deck Master ability. I sacrifice Twilight Zone Dragon. Come forth, Blue Eyes White Dragon!

[The sky darkens, lightening flashes, as BEWD is summoned. BEWD ATK: 3000]

Mokuba: Blue Eyes!

[Flashback to Mokuba's dream sequence, where he's flying on the Blue-Eyes, and turns around to see Seto sitting right behind him, on the dragon.]

Mokuba: [his eyes go back to normal] Big brother!

Kaiba: Mokuba!

Mokuba: Big Brother!! What am I doing....

Noa: Is the seal broken?

Jounouchi: Mokuba, leave this guy!

Honda: You were being controlled by him!

Mokuba: Noa, you jerk!

[Mokuba runs off, away from Noa.]

Yuugi: Now! Kaiba-kun!

Kaiba: Take this, Noa! Horobi no Burst Stream!

[BEWD attacks Vic Viper, causing Option to be destroyed also.]

[Noa's LP: 4900]

Anzu: It worked! Noa's life-points decreased!

Yuugi: Option will disappear when Vic Viper is destroyed.

Noa: Seto, I admire you for hurting me so. But I am invincible! Miracle Ark, Life Recovery!

[Noa's LP: 7400]

Jounouchi: Damnit!

Honda: Noa's life-points went up again!

Noa: Next is the end of you, Seto! My turn!

Kaiba: [laughs] I've waited long enough, Noa. The moment to truly settle this between us has come.

Noa: What?

Kaiba: You or I, who will win the duel? It's the last match! Activate trap, Last Battle!

Anzu: What?

[The field is surrounded by a swirling cloud of dust.]

Kaiba: With Last Battle, we each chose one of our monsters on the field. All the other cards must be abandoned. And the chosen monsters are called from our decks to battle.

Yuugi: With Last Battle, no matter how many life-points you have, the one who wins this round is the winner of the duel.

Jounouchi: It's a one-on-one. Kaiba has made a hell of a gamble.

Kaiba: Of course, I chose Blue Eyes White Dragon!

Noa: I chose my Deck Mater, Miracle Ark!

Kaiba: Noa, take mine and Mokuba's anger! Go, Blue-Eyes, for our future! Horobi no Burst Stream!

[BEWD attacks, and the Ark begins to fall apart.]

Jounouchi: That did it!

[Kaiba watches as debris falls on Noa.]

Noa: Or not.

[The wooden ark falls apart, revealing a creature surrounded by light.]

Kaiba: What?

Yuugi: That is...

Noa: [laughs] I can't lose at your hands. Disappear, Seto!

[The Blue Eyes is attacked, and is destroyed.]

Mokuba: Big Brother!

[Kaiba walls backwards, as the Yuug-tachi gasp.]

Noa: [laughs] Seto, did you forget? This turn is Heaven and Earth's seventh turn. This turn is when my Deck Master Miracle Ark reaches it's ultimate ability. This is my Deck Master's true form, King of Heaven, Shinato! And I will be the almighty God, the Creator.

[Noa's body rises in the air.]

Jounouchi: Noa's body...

[Noa merges with Shinato.]

Noa: This is my true form.

[Shinato: ATK: 3300, DEF: 3000]

Noa: Last Battle won't reduce life-points. But that battle has decided the winner of this duel. Seto, here's the result. Father, did you see? I've proven that everything of me is better than Seto.

[Kaiba struggles to stand up.]

Mokuba: Big Brother!

[Mokuba runs up to Kaiba.]

MokubaL Sorry, this is my fault!

Kaiba: Mokuba....

Noa: Seto! Mokuba! Feel the wrath of God!

[Mokuba runs up to Seto, and just as he's about to run into Seto's arms, Noa turns them into stone. Yuugi gasps.]

Yuugi: Kaiba-kun! Mokuba-kun!

[The Yuugi-tachi run up to Kaiba and Mokuba]

Otogi: Mokuba-kun!

Jounouchi: Mokuba!

Noa: Isn't it lovely? The two who try to touch, but never will. As for the name of the work... Yes, I'll name it "Wonderful Brothers."

[The Yuugi-tachi run up to the Kaiba-brothers, frozen in stone. A tear runs down Mokuba's cheek.]

Yuugi: Kaiba-kun, Mokuba-kun...

[The puzzle lights up, Yami emerges.]

Yami: You son of a bitch! You played with Kaiba's humanity, using Mokuba as a shield to make him suffer. How damn heartless are you?

Noa: Everything is as I predicted. It was all for my complete victory.

Yami: Complete victory? In this duel, the actual loser was you!

Noa: What?

Yami: In the last turn, had Kaiba kept Twilight Zone Dragon, the monster that can't be destroyed in battle, if Kaiba didn't call Blue-Eyes, the result of Last Battle would have been a draw. Kaiba abandoned the chance to tie, and summoned Blue Eyes to awaken Mokuba's heart. Noa, if it were you, would you have chosen this way? You, who can't break the connection of a single heart, you say you'll become president of Kaiba Corporation? Don't make me laugh! Bastard!

[Yami picks up Kaiba's cards that are scattered on the ground.]

Yami: Kaiba has a few life-points left. If you want to be the real winner, fight this battle with me!

Noa: Oh...Even under these conditions you're saying that you want to fight Kaiba's duel?

Yami: Kaiba's deck, will to fight, and Mokuba's sadness, I'll take them up!

Noa: Fine by me!

[Yami walks toward Noa]

Jounouchi: It's impossible, Yuugi! You're taking about 7400 life-points vs 400!

Honda: You don't have a single card in your hand!

Otogi: You'll be beaten with one hit!

Noa: As you wish, I'll kill you, Mutou Yuugi!

Jounouchi: Stop it, Yuugi!

[The patch of ground Yami and Noa are standing on rise into the air.]

Anzu: Yuugi!

[Yami launches his Duel Disk, and inserts his deck, mixed with Kaiba's.]

Yami: Noa, your cold heart with Kaiba and Mokuba's reputation. I won't forgive you!

[Yami's LP: 400. Noa's LP: 7400]

Yami: Duel!

[Cut to closing theme: Rakuen]

Note: The same spelling note that I put everywhere. My spell-checker is insufficient, so if you see any typos, comment.

Also, the weekend is over, so I won't be able to transcribe much over the week. And yes, I know I started on the AE arc, but I can't resist transcribing these episodes, they are so sweet. XD

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