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YuGiOh Duel Monsters. Episode 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episode 2: The Gauntlet is Thrown.

English dub.

Duration: 00:21:29 [opening and ending included]

Voice: Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, the Egyptian Kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the entire world. Until a brave and powerful pharaoh locked the magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical Millennium Items. Now, five thousand years later, a boy named Yuugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies, for destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games, just as the brave Pharaoh did five thousand years ago.

[Cue themesong]

[Cut to interior of the school]

Tristan: Joey, make a move already.

Joey: Okay, here you go, tough guy. My Rock Ogre's gonna rock your block off.

Téa: Hmmm... [places a card in defense mode]

Joey: Yeah, Téa. Like that wimpy card has a chance against my giant rock guy. Give it up!

Téa: I guess I don't stand a chance... unless maybe I use the Breath of Life card.

Joey: Huh? Can she do that?

Yuugi: Oh yeah, the Breath of Life wears down rock monsters.

Tristan: It reduces them to rubble.

[Rock Ogre is reduced to rubble]

Joey: Ahh!

Téa: That brings your life-points down to zero, Joey. Once again, you lose, and I rock.

Tristan: You stink at this game.

Joey: [groans]

[Cut to exterior of school]

Joey: Tristan's right, Yuugi. I do stink. I can't win at Duel Monsters to save my life. What is it, Yuugi? Why can't I ever win? Teach me what I'm doing wrong.

Yuugi: [hops down from metal bar] Well, let's start by checking your deck, Joey.

Joey: Huh? 'Kay... [pulls out deck] Here you go.

Yuugi: Thanks. [begins looking through cards, eyebrow slowly rising as he looks]

Joey: Powerhouse liner, don't you think?

Yuugi: [cringes] No one could win with these. Joey, your deck's filled with nothing but monster cards.

Joey: You got it, I packed it with every butt-kicking monster I could find.

Yuugi: But that's not how the game works.

Joey: Huh?

Yuugi: Duel Monsters is all about combining your monster cards with your magic cards to increase their strength. [looks down at Joey's deck] With no magic in your deck, your monsters will be creamed every time.

Joey: [runs over to Yuugi and takes him by the shoulders] Hah! See? That's the kind of stuff I need to know! Yuugi, you've gotta help me learn more!

Yuugi: Umm...

[Cut to exterior of Game Shop]

Yuugi: My Grandpa's the real game expert in the family, maybe he can help you.

[Cut to interior of Game Shop]

Solomon: [finishes putting up a poster of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Black Luster Soldier]

Yuugi: Hey Grandpa! I brought you a new student!

Solomon: Huh? Student?

Joey: I was hoping, since you know more about Duel Monsters than anyone, maybe you'd teach me.

Solomon: Teach you? Duel Monsters is a very complex game.

Joey: Yeah. Tell me about it. Téa beat me three games in a row.

Yuugi: Actually, Téa beat you five times in a row, Joey.

Joey: Five? Aww man.

Solomon: Hmmm. Yes. I could teach you to be a great tournament duelist. But only if you're willing to spend endless days and sleepless nights filled with rigorous training.

Joey: Ahh. Piece of cake.

Solomon: With an attitude like that, teaching you may not be worth my effort.

Joey: Ahh!

Yuugi: Nice going there, smartmouth.

Joey: [gets down on knees before Yuugi] Please, Yuugi. Help me convince him. I will work hard, I promise!

Yuugi: Listen, Joey. Teaching you Duel Monsters is too big a challenge, even for my grandpa.

Solomon: Hmmm... It's not impossible.

Joey: Huh? You mean it, Gramps?

Yuugi: Joey, he already said he can't do it. And if he can't do it, he can't do it.

Solomon: I never said I couldn't do it. But if I agree, you must work hard.

Joey: I'll do anything, I promise. I promise!

Solomon: Fine, then we'll begin your instruction immediately, my young friend. And believe me, under my tutelage, you will learn. Now, can you name the most powerful Duel Monster?

Joey: Uhhh... No?

Solomon: Can you name the weakest?

Joey: ...Noooo

Solomon: You do know what a trap card is, don't you?

Joey: Kinda... Uhh, I have no idea.

[Cut to dueling arena]

Announcer: Good evening duel fans and our ten million viewers at home, and welcome to the Duel Monsters Duel Dome, where tonight, the Duel Monsters Regional Championship will be decided. Of the two hundred duelists who have competed in this marathon tournament, only two competitors remain standing. Put your cards together for Weevil Underwood, the Bug Brawler. His opponent, the number one ranked, Rex Raptor, Dino Duelist.

[Cut to Yuugi's living room. Joey and Yuugi are sitting on a couch together, with Téa and Tristan on ottomans on either side of them]

Joey: Bug Boy versus Dinosaur Man, what kind of match is that? That should've been me in there!

Téa: I know you've been training for weeks, but those guys are in another league. You're just not ready yet.

Joey: Sure, rub it in.

Yuugi: And on top of that, you're so tired you can't keep your eyes open.

Joey: [snores]

Yuugi: I think Grandpa's lessons have been a bit too tough for him.


Joey: [starts to shuffle cards, but drops them all and puts his head down on the table] So tired. Must rest.

Solomon: [stands over him with a sword] You have no time for rest! [whacks the sword down on the table next to Joey's head] Did you come here to learn Duel Monsters, or did you come here to catch up on your sleeping?


Tristan: See, it's true what they say- you snooze, you lose.

Joey: [growls]

Téa: [laughs]

Joey: I must've been nuts to think I could ever learn this crazy game.

[enter Solomon holding a large box]

Solomon: Time for your lesson!

Joey: Wha-? We're not done?

Solomon: Not by a long shot, you slacker.

Joey: Nnngh.

Solomon: Now quit your whining, Joseph. I know you've been working long and hard, but you really are coming along as a duelist. And I'm quite proud of you.

Joey: [has watery eyes] Gramps. Thank you! [reaches forward to hug him, Solomon neatly sidesteps the hug]

Solomon: Oh, by the way, Yuugi.

Joey: [overbalances from the attempted-hug and falls on his face]

Solomon: This package came for you.

Yuugi: A package? What is it, Gramps?

Solomon: I don't know. It just came in the mail.

Yuugi: Huh. [pulls the package into his lap] it's from Industrial Illusions.

Joey: [hops back onto couch] Industrial Illusions! That's the company that makes the Duel Monsters game. Why the heck would they be sending a package to you, Yuugi?

Yuugi: I have no idea. Is it possible they heard I beat the world champion?

Téa: You mean... Kaiba?

Yuugi: Yeah. It wasn't an official duel or anything, but Kaiba did drop out of the tournament because of me.


Seto: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yuugi.

Yami: My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain... [holds up card] the unstoppable Exodia!

Seto: Ahh! [recoils] Impossible!

Yami: Exodia Obliterate!!

[Exodia Obliterates]


Joey: Just hearing Kaiba's name gives me a headache.

Tristan: Whoa, guys, Raptor just stomped Weevil.

Joey: Yuugi, are these guys any good?

Yuugi: Oh yeah. They're both pretty tough customers. Weevil specializes in insect cards and he's a great strategist. Then you've got Rex Raptor and his dinosaur cards. He uses their power to overwhelm his opponents.

Joey: Itsy-bitsy bugs against dueling dinosaurs? Raptor has got this one in the bag.

Yuugi: I wouldn't be so sure.

[cut to dueling arena]

Raptor: Alright Weevil, consider yourself... dinosaur chow!

[the terrible Two-Headed King Rex appears on playing field]

Announcer: Oh! And Raptor plays the strongest card in his deck, the terrible Two-Headed King Rex! Looks like this match could be over right here, right now! [pauses] We're back, monster fans. And with the Two-Headed King Rex in play, it looks like this duel is all done.

Raptor: Your move.

Weevil: [laughs in a way pretending to be evil] And all I have is this weak little bug.

[Basic Insect appears on the playing field]

Announcer: Weevil counters with the Basic Insect card.

[cut back to Yuugi's living room]

Joey: He plays a wimpy bug against a giant dinosaur? The place'll be covered in bug guts.

Yuugi: Maybe, but I wouldn't underestimate Weevil.

[cut back to dueling arena]

Raptor: King Rex, let's take this championship. Stomp 'em!

Weevil: [laughs] You've attacked your way into my trap! But then, how could your tiny dinosaur brain know, when an enemy attacks, my vortex activates.

Raptor: Oh no! It's a trap card!

Weevil: Which totally traps your King Rex in its inescapable embrace.

Raptor: No. My King Rex.

[A vortex surrounds the King Rex]

Weevil: And while he's trapped there, I'll upgrade my Basic Insect by giving him Armor with Laser Canon.

[Basic Insect receives Armor with Laser Canon]

Weevil: Not such a wimpy little bug after all, hmmmm? Attack!

[Basic Insect attacks the King Rex, King Rex dissolves]

Raptor: Nooo!

Weevil: That King Rex is extinct.

Raptor: Awww. Big bad bug.

Announcer: A stunning upset by Weevil Underwood, our newest champion.

Weevil: [smirks, holds up deck in triumph]

[cut back to Yuugi's living room]

Joey: Man, King Rex squashed by an insect?

[cut back to dueling arena]

Announcer: And now a very special honor for our new champion, here to present the Duel Monsters championship trophy, the creator of Duel Monsters and the president of Industrial Illusions. Ladies and gentlemen and fellow duelists, I give you Maximillion Pegasus!

[Pegasus, holding a trophy, is raised by a platform into the middle of the dueling arena. He walks over to Weevil and kneels]

Pegasus: Congratulations.

Weevil: Uh. [reaches for trophy] Thank you.

Pegasus: And, as regional champion, I invite you to compete in the bold new tournament I'm hosting at Duelist Kingdom.

[cut to interior of car]

Lackey: Mr. Pegasus, with the announcement that you made tonight, we'll have thousands of duelists flocking to Duelist Kingdom.

Pegasus: Yes. And events such as this will hopefully attract those who possess the Millennium Items I seek. Which reminds me...

Lackey: The package was delivered to the boy just as you ordered, Sir.

Pegasus: Excellent.

[cut to Game Shop. Tristan, Téa, Joey, Yuugi and Solomon are crowded around a large box]

Solomon: Hah! With all the excitement of the championship, you forgot to open your package, Yuugi.

Yuugi: What could it be? [opens the box. it contains a VHS tape, a red glove and two gold stars]

All: Huh?

Téa: Some kind of glove...

Joey: And stars.

Tristan: Maybe there's an explanation on the video.

Yuugi: [reaches for the VHS tape]

Joey: Pop it in and check it out.

Yuugi: Okay. [puts the VHS tape into the VCR]

TV screen: Static

[Pegasus materializes on the TV]

Pegasus: Greetings, little Yuugi. I am Maximillion Pegasus.

Joey: Pegasus?

Téa: We just saw him on TV.

Solomon: The famous Maximillion Pegasus sends greetings to my Yuugi?

Pegasus: I have heard some terribly interesting things about you, Yuugi.

Yuugi: Huh?

Pegasus: Your present defeat of Seto Kaiba intrigued me so much, I've decided to investigate your amazing dueling skills personally. Right here, right now, we shall hold a special duel. We'll play with a strict time limit of fifteen minutes and when time's up, the player with the highest life-points will be the winner. Are you ready?

Yuugi: Wha-?

Joey: Wha-? He can't seriously expect you to fight a duel against a video tape.

Tristan: That's crazy.

Pegasus: [evil laugh, Millennium Eye glows] No, it's magic.

All: Huh?!

[Tristan, Téa, Solomon and Joey fade into background]

Yuugi: Everything's growing dark and cold and the others aren't moving. What have you done to them? Where have you taken us?

Pegasus: [evil laugh] We're no longer in the world you know. But I will return you... after our game.

Yuugi: Then it's time to duel! [cue Yuugi turning into Yami no Yuugi]

Yami: Start the clock and make your move, Pegasus.

Pegasus: Certainly. Let's begin.

[VCR timer is shown set to 0: 15.00]

Pegasus: Nervous, Yuugi-boy? You should be. You have never faced a duelist like me before.

Yami: You may be good.

Pegasus: I assure you, I am.

Yami: But I will beat you to save my friends.

Pegasus: [cue glowing Millennium Eye] You won't save anyone with that dragon card.

Yami: How?

Pegasus: I told you, you've never faced anyone like me before. I know every move you'll make. Before you can even make it.

Yami: [glares]

Pegasus: Knowing every move you'll make gives me a distinct advantage, wouldn't you say? For example, I can anticipate your next play and counter it with this Dragon Capture Jar.

Yami: Aghh!

Pegasus: It will draw the Kimori Dragon from your card and imprison the beast. Trapped. Never to be played against me.

Yami: This is crazy. First he reads my mind, then he brings the monster on my card to life.

Pegasus: This dark dimension we're in is known as the Shadow Realm, a mystical place where incredible monsters can be summoned and the impossible is quite possible.

Yami: But what you're telling me can't be true.

Pegasus: Tell me, Yuugi, do you believe there is magic in these cards?

Yami: Don't you know? You invented this game.

Pegasus: What if I told you I didn't?

Yami: Huh?!

Pegasus: In ancient times, the Egyptians called this the Shadow Game. Powerful fellows would hold mystical duels in other dimensions just as we're doing now. But not with cards, they battled with real monsters and real magic. Magical forces so powerful, the Egyptians lost control of them and nearly destroyed the entire world.

Yami: It's a good story, Pegasus. But these monsters can't be real.

Pegasus: Tell that to my Dragon Piper as his flute of resurrection frees your Koumori Dragon, but puts him under my control.

Yami: [creepily intense look] I have to counter attack!!! Silver Fang!

[Koumori Dragon attacks Silver Fang]

Yami: Oh, the heat!

[Yami's life-points are reduced from 2000 to 1500]

Pegasus: Hah! As you see, Yuugi, these monsters are very real. [evil laugh] And also quite dangerous. [evil laugh] Ah, Yuugi-boy. You really are quite entertaining- the way you scowl and sneer so defiant and yet helpless. And so completely ignorant of the power of your Millennium Puzzle.

Yami: What?!

Pegasus: Five thousand years ago, a powerful pharaoh locked the power of the Shadow Games away.

Yami: What's this have to do with me?

Pegasus: The pharaoh captured these vast magical energies in seven mystical Millennium Items.

Yami: Seven items? You're saying that... my puzzle's one of them?

Pegasus: Yes, and there are mystical energies locked within it. Magic that could change your life forever... if you only knew how to unleash it.

Yami: But why are you telling me this?

Pegasus: Why? Simply because I need you to know. But perhaps I have said too much. And since the clock is still ticking, I propose we resume playing our little duel.

Yami: He's right, times running out and I still haven't figured out if he can really read my mind or if it's some kind of trick.

Pegasus: [lifts his hair aside to show his Millennium Eye which glints with the image of a skeleton]

Yami: [his eye also glints with the same image] I've gotta try something, maybe my Zombie Warrior!

Pegasus: [evil laugh]

Yami: Wait a minute, he definitely knows what I'm about to do. But how? It's gotta have something to do with that weird eye of his. That's it, isn't it? That weird eye must somehow let him see the cards in my hand. So no matter which card I pick, he's already one step ahead of me. But that gives me an idea.

Pegasus: Hurry up now, Yuugi-boy. Time is running out for you and your friends.

Yami: I guess he's expecting me to play one of the cards in my hand. But what if I play a card even I haven't seen yet?! What happens if I draw a new card straight from the deck without even looking at it?

Pegasus: I already know you plan to play the Zombie Warrior, and I'm already prepared to counter it with a trap card that makes even zombies lie down and play dead.

Yami: [smirks] Not this time. I figured out your little game, Pegasus. You may be able to see the cards in my hand, but you can't see the cards I pull from the deck.

Pegasus: [narrows eyes] Hmmm?

Yami: My next card is... the Dark Magician!

Pegasus: [sarcastically] Whoa, the big, scary Dark Magician.

Yami: Mock me all you like, Pegasus. But my magician will destroy that dragon.

Pegasus: Go right ahead, if you think it'll help.

Yami: It'll do more than help, Pegasus. It'll bring you closer to defeat and bring me closer to saving my friends.

Pegasus: If it can do all that, by all means, play it.

Yami: Dark Magician!

[Dark Magician appears on playing field]

Yami: Dark Magic Attack!!

[DM attacks Koumori Dragon. Pegasus' life-points are reduced from 2000 to 1200]

Pegasus: [laughs triumphantly] Nicely played. But by using your Dark Magician, you've let me manipulate you once again.

Yami: Huh?

Pegasus: By playing that one card, you have ensured my victory.

Yami: No.

Pegasus: We shall see, Yuugi. Oh, a very rare card. This is the fearsome Faceless Mage.

Yami: I've never seen that card before. But my Dark Magician is one of the strongest magic cards in the game.

Pegasus: But how will he fare once I combine my Faceless Mage with the, equally rare, Eye of Illusion.

Yami: Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!

[DM Dark Magic Attacks, Faceless Mage holds up the Eye of Illusion and DM's attack has no effect]

Yami: Dark Magician! My attack had no effect at all.

Pegasus: [laughs]

Yami: His Faceless Mage should've been destroyed, but it's still standing and I'm running out of time.

[close up of the VCR timer, which reads- 0: 05.00]

Yami: I'm up by three hundred life-points, but only because Pegasus is toying with me. I've got to find a way to beat him at his own Shadow Game. [glares] Pegasus knows all kinds of tricks. But I gotta find a way to defeat him. I just have to trust in my grandpa's cards. I attack your combo with the elf swordsman!

[Celtic Guardian appears on playing field]

Yami: This mighty warrior will cut your Faceless Mage down to size.

Pegasus: True, your elf is mighty. But you have once again underestimated the incredible power of my Eye of Illusion! Hah hah!

Yami: No!

Pegasus: Dark Magic Attack.

[Celtic Guardian shatters, Yami's life-points are reduced from 1500 to 0400]

Yami: Arg! But that's impossible! The Faceless Mage doesn't have a Dark Magic Attack. [pauses] Oh no! It was my own Dark Magician that attacked me. Pegasus is controlling him with the Eye of Illusion. But if he's using its magic to control my magician, what's controlling his mage?

Pegasus: Well, Yuugi, our time together is nearly up, and as I have more life-points than you, it appears I am the victor.

[close up of the VCR clock which now reads- 0: 00.05]

Yami: Time's not up yet, Pegasus. And you've left your Faceless Mage vulnerable to a physical assault. [holds up Summoned Skull]

Pegasus: Nnngh.

Yami: Summoned Skull, attack!

[close up of the VCR clock which now reads- 0: 00.02, Summoned Skull appears on playing field. Clock reads 0: 00.01 and then 0: 00.00 just as Summoned Skull attacks]

Pegasus: Well, we've run out of time. But how close was that? If you had been able to complete that attack, I would have lost. But I didn't, did I? I have taken the measure of your talents this day, Yuugi Motou. And when next we duel, we shall play for far higher stakes.

Yami: I'm done with your games.

Pegasus: [shakes finger] You presume I'm giving you a choice in the matter. But... [lifts hair aside to reveal Millennium Eye] I'm not, for I too possess one of the seven Millennium Items- the all-powerful Millennium Eye!

Yami: A Millennium Eye?

Pegasus: That's right, Yuugi-boy. And now I'll show you the true extent of its magic. You see, I have found that- given the proper incentive, anyone can be made to play my game. [the Millennium Eye glows and pulls Yuugi's grandfather's soul into the television screen]

Yami: Huh?

Solomon: [from television screen] Yuugi!

[Yami no Yuugi becomes Yuugi again, Yuugi darts forward to the TV]

Yuugi: Grandpa!

Pegasus: Yes, we will duel again, Yuugi. How else will you reclaim your grandfather's soul?

[the world returns to color and Yuugi's friends are now able to move. Solomon's eyes are blank and he falls over.

Yuugi: Grandpa! Grandpa!! Grandpaaaaaa!

[cue endtheme]

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