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YuGiOh Duel Monsters. Episode 184.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters.

Episode 184: Walking in The Light

Japanese, with English subtitles.

Run-time: 00:23:43

[Cue Opening theme: Warriors]

[Episode title: Walking in the Light]

[Episode starts out with Leviathan. Yami Yuugi is screaming at it]

Yami Yuugi: Come here! I'll absorb all of your anger and hate, the dark forces of this planet. Just rely on me.

[Leviathan swoops down and eats Yami Yuugi, surrounding him in a whirlwind]

Yami Yuugi: [screams]

Yuugi: Other me!

Yami Yuugi: [screaming]

[Scene switches to Mokuba, Honda, and Anzu in the helicopter, as the Leviathan turns into a giant tornado]

Anzu: What is that?

[Scene switches back to Yami Yuugi, in the middle of the tornado, still screaming]

Yuugi: [runs closer to the tornado] Other me!

Yami Yuugi: Aibou, stay back! This is my fight, a fight of justice and belief!


[During Yami Yuugi's duel with Rafael. Yami Yuugi is prepared to play the Seal of Orichalcos]

Yuugi: No way, Other Me!

Yami Yuugi: Aibou...!

Yuugi: You can't use this card.

Yami Yuugi: But...

Yuugi: He's waiting for you to play this card! (Note: By "he," Yuugi means Rafael)

Yami Yuugi: Aibou, we'll definitely lose. This is my fight, Aibou, a fight of justice and belief!

[End Flashback]

Yami Yuugi: But it's different now! Someday, I'll have to say 'goodbye' to you. We'll have to be independent. And now, my battlefield is right ahead of me!

Yuugi: Other Me....

Yami Yuugi: [screams] What I gain in this battle, and the mission falling on me...That is will of everyone!


[After Yami Yuugi dueled Yuugi's spirit in the valley Ironheart led him to. Yami Yuugi is holding Yuugi]

Yuugi: Other Me... No matter how much you suffer, please don't be confused. Believe in your partners. You're not alone at all. Always trust your partners. The monsters are always with you.

[Yuugi places his hand on Yami's duel disk. Yami Yuugi's eyes well up with tears]

Yami Yuugi: Aibou!

Yuugi: Even if we're apart, I'm always with you...

[Yuugi's spirit disappears]

Yami: [screams, with tears falling] AIBOU!!

[End flashback]

Yami Yuugi: [screams]

Yugi: Other Me!

Yami Yuugi: [screams and grunts] It's not over yet! There is something in my mind that you can't burn out!


[Orichalcos Gaigas punches ground, Yami Yuugi and Celtic Guardian fly backwards]

Ironheart: Nameless Pharaoh!

[Lightening blasts Ironheart]

Yami Yuugi: Ironheart!

[Kris is also blasted by lightening, as she attempts to get to Yami Yuugi]

Yami Yuugi: Kris!

[Jounouchi is shown lying against the fence, soulless, after his duel with Mai]

Yami Yuugi: Jounouchi-kun....

[Rafael is shown being claimed by the Orichalcos]

Yami Yuugi: Rafael!

[Kaiba is shown as his life-points in the duel with Dartz reach zero.]

Yami Yuugi: Kaiba!

Mokuba: Big Brother!

[Kaiba's eyes go blank, as he falls to his knees. Yami runs up to him, catching him in his arms]

Yami: Kaiba!

Mokuba: Big Brother!

[Mokuba runs up to the real, smacking into it. He bangs on the seal with his fists]

Mokuba: Big Brother! Big Brother!

Yami: Kaiba!

Kaiba: Yugi. Now I've paid back all my debt, step on my corpse!

[Kaiba's body goes limp in Yami's arms, as the seal starts closing in on them]

[scene change]

Yami: Kaiba!

Dartz: What else can you do after all the struggles? Accept the truth. You can curse the souls... This is the truth.

[Yami is about to place his hand on top of his deck, in surrender]

Yami: My fate is guiding my hand...

Dartz: Everything will be over. You won't exist anymore.

[Yami's hand is shaking, as he holds it over his deck]

Yami: I'm going to be....

[scene changes to Yami, naked, in water]

Yami: Yes, I am vain. I was a soul, sealed in the Sennen Puzzle. (Note: What's funny about this, is that in the sub, the Sennen Puzzle was called "long-living wood." Just thought I'd mention it. XDD) I had nothing. I was like this in the beginning. If I lose them, I have nothing left. (Note: by "them," Yami means his friends.) So I have to disappear. My heart is hollow.

[scene changes back to the duel. The seal is closing in on Yami.]

[Yami is crying silently. His tear falls onto the puzzle, and it lights up, creating a shield around Yami. The Seal bounces back upon hitting the shield. Transparent figures of Yami's friends surround him. Then they all disappear. Yami is crying, tears dropping onto his hand. His hand is shaking, up in mid-air.]

Yami: The past memory...body. Is there something in my hollow heart that I can't deny? Now I see. I have never been aware of this. There is a memory container, composed of everyone's bindings. (Note: I took that directly from the sub, I'm not entirely sure what Yami means by "bindings" but it could mean "spirits." If anyone wants to correct me, go ahead) This is all I have. I'm not empty at all. As long as it exists, I can be revived again and again.

[Scene changes back to Yami in the whirlwind]

Yami: The memory container in my mind will never disappear! The container of light!

[Yami raises his hands up into the air]

Yami: The darkness of this planet! Disappear into my container!

Yuugi: Other Me!

[The Leviathan shrinks, and disappears into Yami, shrinking into nothing]

[Scene changes to show the Statue of Liberty in New York shadowed by an approaching wave. The wave is taller than the skyscrapers. Suddenly, the wave vanishes.]

[Scene changes to the military boat]

Officer: The Tsunami is gone!

Commander: A miracle happened?

[scene switches to Otogi, Rebecca, And Professor Hopkins. They look up at the sky. (Note: Is it "Hopkins" or "Hawkins?" Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

[Scene changes back to Atlantis. Yami is standing, sways on his feet, and falls backwards. Yuugi runs up to him, catching him]

Yuugi: Other Me!

Yami: He's gone! That guy's gone, Aibou!

Yuugi: Mhmm! You''re so great!

[They look ahead, to see Dartz laying on the ground]

Yami: Dartz!

[Darts opens his eyes, as a light shines on him]

Voice of Kris: Father!

Voice of Ironheart: Dartz.

[Kris, Ironheart and Sunny appear.]

Yami: Ironheart! Kris!

[Ironheart and Kris help Dartz stand up]

Dartz: Father! Kris!

Kris: Father!

Ironheart: Dartz...All the sins you bear are absorbed by the Nameless Pharaoh.

Dartz: Eh?

Yami: Dartz....

Kris: Thank you, Yuugi! Thanks for saving my dad!

Ironheart: I appreciate your help. Now, Return to your world. Your brand new future is waiting for you at that door.

[Yami and Yuugi both turn around to look at the portal behind them]

Yuugi: Ironheart... Kris...

[Yami and Yuugi look at each other.]

Yami: Let's go, Aibou! Let's go back to everyone.

Yuugi: Mhm.

[Yami and Yuugi, with hands around each other, walk towards the portal, casting one last glance back before they enter]

Kris: Father. Let's take a break. Mom is waiting for us.

[Scene changes. The Atlantis Island sinks, causing a tsunami. Kaiba and Jounouchi run out of the temple.]

Kaiba: Mokuba!

Mokuba: Big Brother!

Kaiba: Alright, let's go, now!

Honda: Jounouchi!

Anzu: Jounouchi, where is Yuugi?

Jounouchi: Eh?

Anzu: Isn't he with you?

Kaiba: What?

Jounouchi: Yugi?

[The tsunami is nearing the island]

Mokuba: Big Brother, let's get out of here!

Kaiba: Get on the helicopter! The helicopter is leaving!

Jounouchi: [starts running back toward the temple] Yuugi!

Honda: [grabs Jounouchi around the waist] Don't go, Jounouchi!

Jounouchi: What are you doing, Honda? Don't you care about Yuugi?

Honda; We can only believe that he's alright!

Jounouchi: Damn!

[The helicopter takes off moments before the wave crashes into the island. Everyone is sitting in the helicopter, silent.]

Anzu: Yuugi....

[Scene changes to Domino Central Hospital. Haga and Ryuuzaki are waking up in hospital beds]

Haga: Eh? Where am I?

Ryuuzaki: I remember that...So why're you here?

Haga: Eh? Why are YOU here?

Ryuuzaki: This is because...

Haga: Anyway....

Both of them: I don't know why my soul has gone back to the body...

Haga: Yuugi!

Ryuuzaki: Jounouchi!

Both of them: I won't forgive you!

[they run out of the room]

Both of them: I have to defeat you!

[They run past Amelda's room. Amelda wakes up, and looks at the broken action figure on his bed]

Amelda: [picks up action figure] Miruko...

[Flashback to the duel of Kaiba vs Amelda]

Amelda: [holds up action figure] Look at this.

Kaiba: Is that terrible toy meaningful?

Amelda: This was left by my brother. Your company killed my brother.

[Flashback changes to Kaiba's second duel vs Amelda]

Kaiba: You're wrong. You couldn't save your brother.

Amelda: What are you saying?

Kaiba: Don't you get it? You are lost... for being unable to save him!

Mokuba: Big Brother!

Kaiba: matter what happens, I won't let my brother die! Amelda! Take a closer look at the true duelist's power, and the splendor of the chosen warrior! Go now...Tyrant Dragon! Burst Stream Attack!

Amelda: You're really amazing, Kaiba.

Amelda: [imagines returning to action figure to Miruko.] Miruko....

[The Orichalchos takes Amelda]

[End of Flashback]

[Amelda looks at the action figure, a single tear falling on it.]

Amelda: Miruko...I will live on!

[Scene changes to a beach. Varon is waking up in one of the bedrooms in the house by that beach. A card is lying on his sheet.]

Varon: I...

[Flashback to Varon's duel vs Jounouchi]

Varon: I'm trembling....Am I afraid of him? No...I have never been so excited for a long time.

Varon: Come on! Let's fight, Jounouchi!

Varon: Burning Iron Fist!

Jounouchi: Dragon Blow!

[The two men in armor speed toward each other. Varon flied back, and his armor falls apart.]

Varon: Jounouchi...please take care of Mai!

Jounouchi: I will.

[Varon falls, soulless]

Mai: Varon!

[End of flashback]

[Varon sits up in bed, the card on his sheet falls on the floor. Varon picks it up, and walks out on the balcony.]

Varon: Are you leaving, Mai?

[The card Varon is holding is Mai's Harpy Lady]

[Scene changes to Mai riding on her motorcycle along the beach]

Mai: Jounouchi....Varon...

[Flashback to post-duel of Jounouchi vs Varon]

Mai: What a stupid man. Didn't you say you don't fight for others, only for yourself? That's why you lost.

Jounouchi: Mai... As a duelist, Varon has been perfect. I won't allow you to say such things! After fighting with Valon, I've learned one thing. We didn't use language, but fists in communication. I've accepted his good will. So. I want to fight with you, Mai! I want to convey my will to you! I want to accept your will as well.

[Scene changes to Mai's Harpies attacking Jounouchi's monster]

Jounouchi: You win...Mai.

[Jounouchi falls, Mai runs up to catch him]

Mai: Jounouchi! Im the battle with Varon you have...

Jounouchi: I'm sorry...I can't see your face. This was an interesting battle.

[Jounouchi pushes Mai out of the Seal, ripping off her Orichalcos stone]

Mai: No! Jounouchi! No! No, Jonouchi!
[Mai's tears fall on Jounouchi's face]

Mai: In fact, I knew it. It's no use if I won. I knew it from the beginning! I knew it!

[End Flashback]

Mai: Jounouchi... Varon. I will become a true duelist, and I will come back again.

[She speeds off along the beach]

[Scene changes to Yuugi. He's washed up on an island, waves at his feet. He opens his eyes and gets up]

Yuugi: This is...

Yami: Are we saved?

[A rainbow light shines in the sky]

Yuugi: Aura?

[Black Magician Girl and the Three Legendary Knights Appear]

Yuugi: Black Magician Girl!

Yami: Timaeus! Critias! Hermos!

Black Magician Girl: Thank you, two masters! Now both of our worlds are safe! The souls that are released from the Orichalcos, I'll bring them back. I think they want to build a world with us, of black magic.

Yuugi: Black Magician Girl!

Ledendary Warrior Timaeous: Thank you, Nameless Pharaoh, and Yuugi.

Legendary Warrior Critias: Now, our long-standing wish can be realized.

Yami: I should thank you. Without your power, I couldn't have conquered the dark force.

LW Critias: Mhm.

LW Timaeus: Goodbye, Nameless Pharaoh!

[The three Knights fly off into the aura]

Black Magician Girl: Master....No, it's nothing. Goodbye!

[Scene changes to the KC helicopter flying. Everyone is looking out the window.]

Kaiba: What's going on? The aura appeared.

Jounouchi: [sees the Knights flying away] That is...That is Black Magician Girl and the Legendary Knights.

Anzu: They are going back to their world.

[Jounouchi's "Claw of Hermos" card disappears]

Jounouchi: Hermos's card!

[Kaiba takes out his "Fang of Critias" card. It disappears also. Kaiba stares at it in wonder.]

Kaiba: Was it just a dream?

Anzu: Yuugi... Yuugi!

[They all look out the window.]

[Scene changes to Yuugi, as he watches the helicopter approach the island]

Yuugi: Everyone is alright! They're alright!

Yami: Yes.

[The helicopter lands on the beach. Jounouchi runs out, followed by everyone else.]

Jounouchi: Yuugi!

Anzu: Yuugi!

Honda: Yuugi!

Jounouchi: Yuugi!

[Jounouchi runs up, giving Yuugi a noogie.]

Jounouchi: You...! We were so worried about you!

Anzu: Yuugi, welcome back!

Yuugi: Thank you, everyone!

[scene changes to Kaiba, Mokuba and Rafael. The three of them are standing at the door of the helicopter, smiling. (Yes, even Kaiba)]

Mokuba: Yuugi!

Jounouchi: Alright, let's go back now! If you don't hurry up, we'll leave you here!

Honda: What a happy guy. He became like that after he learned that Yuugi's safe.

Jounouchi: Shut up, you bastard!

[Yuugi stops, and looks at Yami. Yami is standing, looking out into the distance]

Yuugi: Other Me...

[Yami turns to look at Yuugi]

Yuugi: What the Black Magician Girl wanted to say was the curse that sealed this planet inside Other Me. If Other Me is controlled by darkness, the curse in his mind will be revived. But...we don't have to worry about this. Because Other Me is different now. He got over theat vanity and empty darkness, and grasped the ray of hope. He became a real Pharaoh!

[Cue ending theme, Afureru Kanjou Ga Tomachinai]

Okay, I's past midnight here, so I don't have the will to carefully spell-check. If you notice any typos, comment and let me know.

Now, also, I know I started the AE arc, but I couldn't resist making a transcript of this episode, it's just so incredibly sweet. XD Enjoy it, everyone!

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