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YuGiOh Duel Monsters. Episode 199.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

Episode 199: Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh.

English dub.

Duration: 00:19:16[opening and ending not included]

[scene starts with Bakura running]

Voice: And where do you think you're going?

Bakura: This can't be happening! Not again!

[Bakura runs into church]

Bakura: I should be safe in here!


Bakura: Stop it, stay away from me!

Voice: I can't do that. We still have a mission to complete

Bakura: Mission?

Voice: How quickly we forget. Allow me to remind you. Does the term "Millennium Item" sound familiar? You promised to help me obtain all 7, but at the moment, we only have one. But not to worry, I know where the others are. I just need someone to take me to them. And that's where you come in. After all, you're the vessel that allows me to exist in this world. Now, stop resisting, and join me.

Bakura: Never!

Voice: What makes you think I've given you the choice! You will help me! And the most powerful force that ever existed will be mine.

Bakura: You can't force me!

Voice: That's where you're wrong, mortal!

[windows break, laughter is heard]

Voice: I've waiting long enough! The darkest shadow game in 5 millennia will now begin!

[Flashback. 3 men in desert, on camels.]

Solomon: There it is, Valley of the Kings.

Mushara: There is only one thing to do now. Turn back.

Ahmet: No one is interested in your opinion. Our guest is anxious to move on. Isn't that right, Doctor Mutou?

Solomon: Anxious was an understatement. I was on the brink of the greatest discovery of my life.

Mushara: Over 60 ancient tombs have been discovered in that valley. But the ancient tomb you seek, the tomb of the Pharaoh, well...let's just say no one's ever dared to enter it's inner chambers, Doctor.

Ahmet: Well, there was one, but he was driven mad and now wanders our village, repeating the same phrase over and over again - "The Shadow Games. Beware."

Solomon: Shadow Games, eh? That's exactly what I'm looking for!

Ahmet: It's only fair to warn you, this tomb is looted with traps, built by the ancients to protect the great treasure within. Remember, we're just guides. We can only lead you as far as the entrance to the tomb. Once we get inside, it is you who must lead us. After all, it is your expertise that will lead you to the riches you seek.

Solomon: You're mistaken. It's not riches I came here to find. I'm after something much greater than that.

Ahmet: I'm not sure I follow.

Solomon: I wouldn't expect you to. Come on, it's late, and I'm hungry.

[Night-time. The three men are sitting by a fire.]

Solomon: What better time to enter a tomb than at the stroke of midnight? Let's go.

Mushara: Right now?

Solomon: Is there a problem?

Ahmet: No, but I do have a question for you. What is it you're looking for? You can in search of the tomb, but you seek no treasure.

Solomon: That's not what I said. I'm not interested in becoming rich, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking for a hidden treasure. You see, I like to play games. And I believe that tomb out there contains the secret of the greatest game ever played.

Ahmet: Doctor Mutou, I don't know what lies in that cavern, but I'm sure it's no game. Now, let's go. And if I were you, I'd start taking this expedition a bit more seriously. If you're not careful, you might just end up in a tomb of your own.

[The three men enter the tomb.]

Solomon: And so, at the stroke of midnight, our journey began. A journey into a world that would change my life forever. The tomb of the nameless Pharaoh.

[They enter a room with corpses on the floor]

Ahmet: Ah! What's this?

Mushara: But I thought no one ever entered this tomb before!

Solomon: No one in the last 5,000 years anyway.

Mushara: [looks up, sees a stone-snake, with eyes made of precious stone, and gasps] Ahmet, have a look!

Ahmet: Ah! Well...I Bet you've never seen a snake with eyes like those in any of your games, Doctor Mutou.

Mushara: We're rich?

Ahmet: Yes!

[Mushara starts walking forward, Solomon stops him]

Solomon: Don't move.

Mushara: Hands off! Those jewels belong to us, understand?

[Solomon throws his toothpick forward. Sharp needle-like objects shoot out from the mouths of the two snakes, cutting the toothpick in half.]

Solomon: Well, it seems that the game has already begun!

[They walk into another room]

Ahmet: This pathway leads nowhere.

Mushara: He's right. It's a dead end.

Solomon: Not necessarily.

[There is a tablet at the end of the room. The trio walk toward it.]

Ahmet: He passes up priceless rubies to stare into an empty picture frame.

[Solomon touches the tablet]

Mushara: Let's move on. There is no treasure here!

Solomon: Hm.

Ahmet: What a waste of time!

Solomon: Don't be so sure. [lights something at the base of the tablet. The fire reveals hieroglyphics.]

Solomon: [reads hieroglyphics] Beyond here lies the resting place of a great Pharaoh. Only those who shall respect may enter. All others will be engulfed by the pit of shadows.

Ahmet: And you expect us to believe that?

Solomon: Look. All I know is that this spot is the entrance to the Pharaoh's tomb.

Mushara: Well, I don't see any entrance. Do you?

[The floor underneath them starts to move, revealing a hidden staircase.]

Solomon: Looks like an entrance to me. [looks up at a statue in the room.] Hmm. Boys, meet Horus, Egyptian God of light, and the gatekeeper of the Pharaoh's tomb.

[The trio approach a maze]

Mushara: It's some sort of maze!

Ahmet: Well, it's not a terribly difficult one. Any child could solve this puzzle.

Solomon: Don't be so sure. These fellows seemed to have failed, right? (Note: Solomon is referring to the corpses lying at the entrance to the maze)

[Solomon walks up to a corpse who's clenching a sword, and kicks his hand. The sword falls down into the purple void.]

Solomon: We've found our Pit of Shadows. Now, who'd like to go first?

Ahmet: I vote for you. After all, you seem to be the expert here.

Mushara: Let's just leave! It's not worth it! Knowing my luck, I'll end up in the Pit of Shadows.

Ahmet: Listen up. We stay. We've come too far to turn back now. He'll clear the maze, and then you and I will claim the prize.

Mushara: Well, yeah, but...!

Ahmet: There is nothing to worry about. Just trust me.

Mushara: If you say so.

[Ahmet walks forward, stepping on a floor tile that causes the entrance to the maze to close.]

Mushara: We're trapped!

[Spikes come out of the wall, and the wall starts moving toward the trio]

Solomon: It's worse than that!

Ahmet: Do something, Doctor Mutou!

Solomon: Clearly, the Nameless Pharaoh wanted us to enter that maze. It was time to play the Pharaoh's game.

[Solomon runs out into the maze. He stops before a statue with a sword in it's hand. The statue swings the sword a Solomon, and he starts backing up.]

Solomon: Told you! There is more to this maze than meets the eye! There's gotta be some way to stop these things!

Ahmet: Well, then do it!

Solomon: I knew I was playing a game. And therefore, there had to be a solution.

[Sugoroku backs up, leaving his left foot forward. The Statue stops.]

Ahmet: We're running out of time! Stop those statues, or we'll never make it out!

Solomon: Let me think. It stopped...when my foot moved!

Solomon: Then it occurred to me. In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were respected and revered as much as the Egyptian Gods themselves. That's why every statue in the Palace was carved with the left foot forward. This was considered a symbol of respect. You see, the heart is on the left side of the body. So Ancient Egyptians always faced their heart toward the Pharaoh.

Solomon: I found the answer to the riddle! Walk with the left foot forward! Just like the sign said. We must pay our respect!

Ahmet: With our left foot?

Mushara: And if your theory doesn't work? Then what?

Solomon: Just do it!

[Solomon reaches the end of the maze]

Solomon: Just a little further. Careful now!

[Mushara is frightened, looks up at a statue, laughter can be heard. Mushara sticks his right foot forward. The statue swings the sword, throwing Mushara down off the maze, into the purple void.]

Ahmet: No!

Solomon: I'm sorry. But those are the rules of the Shadow Games.

Ahmet: You will pay for that!

[The two men proceed down a hallway. They approach a room]

Solomon: I suggest taking my advice if you want to make it out of this tomb.

Solomon: [approaches door] What have we here?

Solomon: [reads hieroglyphics] Ye shall now be judges by the creatures of the stone. Only the pure of heart are permitted to pass. All others will lose their souls to the darkness.

[Scene switches to a pathway, with tablets lining the floor. Monsters are carved onto the tablets.]

Ahmet: Why should I believe all this ancient gibberish?

Solomon: What choice do you have?

Ahmet: [looks down the pathway] Ah! Look at that! It must be the Pharaoh's treasure. Based on these traps, I'm sure it's valuable. Go on. Your move.

[Solomon walks down the pathway]

Solomon: I felt a strange sensation. It was as if there was another presence in the room.

Ahmet: What are you waiting for? Go and get it!

Solomon: One mustn't be too hasty. We're dealing with a powerful force here!

Solomon: Now, I knew my guide was blinded by his own greed. But I didn't know just how far he was willing to go.

[Ahmet holds up a slingshot, and fires. Solomon falls off, hanging on to the ledge with one hand.]

Ahmet: Thanks for doing all the work, Doctor Mutou, but I can take it from here.

Solomon: You snake!

Ahmet: If you'll excuse me, I have a prize to claim.

[Ahmet approaches the end of the pathway]

Ahmet: I'll never want for anything again!

[Ahmet hears a roaring sound. He looks down at the tablet at his feet.]

Ahmet: All this talk of Shadow Games and creatures is nonsense!

[Monster comes out of tablet, and grabs Ahmet. Meanwhile, Solomon's grip is slipping]

Solomon: I can't hold on. I close!

[Solomon sees a Pharaoh approach him. The pharaoh kneels down, and reaches out to Sugoroku.]

Pharaoh: I've been waiting for you.

[everything goes black]

Solomon: When I regained consciousness, something felt different. It was as if the darkness had somehow lifted.

[Solomon stands up]

Solomon: If anyone here?!

Solomon: And that's when it happened... That artifact was calling out to me.

[Box begins to glow]

Solomon: [holds box] I'll always keep this safe!

[End Flashback. Scene switches to Yugi's room. Solomon and Yugi are in pajamas.]

Solomon: And I always did. And now, the Millennium Puzzle is yours!

Yugi: Wow, grandpa! You really did all that?

Solomon: [laughs] I might have exaggerated just a bit. Now tell me, does this sudden interest in my old adventures have anything to do with tomorrow's trip?

Yugi: Of course! Before I head off to Egypt I want to learn everything there is to know about that place.

Yuugi: They might have moved that stone tablet back to where it came from, but that's not going to stop me from seeing it, and this time, when I hold up the three Egyptian God Cards, the Pharaoh's lost memories are gonna be released!

Yuugi: Gramps, I don't suppose you still remember where the Pharaoh's tomb was, do you?

Solomon: I can't say I do. I hired those two guides to find it for me, remember? The valley of the kings is bigger than you think, and most of those caves look exactly the same.

Yuugi: Oh well. It's just that I was looking forward to seeing the spot where you found the Millennium Puzzle.

Solomon: Not a chance! Stay out of that place! But if you don't mind, may I have one last look at those Egyptian God Cards?

Yuugi: Again? It's like your fifth time!

Solomon: But the thought of being without them for so long... it makes me so sad.

Yuugi: Okay, okay!

Solomon: Thank you.

[Yugi gives Solomon the God Cards]

Solomon: Aah, how do I love thee!(or "these?" Not sure which one it is.) Let me count the ways!

Yuugi: Alright, that's enough!

Solomon: Can't you just leave them with me? Please, be a pal and I'll take care of them! You can trust me, Yugi!

Yugi: You know better than that!

Solomon: Ah, bitter-sticks. (Note: Well, that's what I think he said. I'm not entirely sure.)

Yuugi: The Pharaoh needs these three cards! Without them, he'll never be able to unlock the mysteries of his past!

Solomon: Sorry Yugi. This is what the Pharaoh has been waiting for. That's why he saved me.


[The pharaoh kneels down, and reaches out to Solomon.]

Pharaoh: I've been waiting for you.

[End Flashback]

Solomon: For some reason, when the Pharaoh's spirit was sealed away in that stone tomb, his memory was wiped clean. So he waited for 5,000 years, until fate brought him to Yugi.

Solomon: Listen, you are the one person with the power to help him regain everything he lost. Yugi, he who hold the Millennium Puzzle holds the legacy of the Pharaoh. And believe me, that's no small task.

Yugi: I know.

Solomon: Good. My adventure's done, however, yours has just begun. Yugi, there is something else I want you to keep in mind out there.

Yugi: What is it, grandpa?

Solomon: Look. Play every challenge you face like a game. Trust your instincts, and you'll come out on top.

Yugi: Okay. Playing games is what I do best.

Solomon: Ah, a boy after my own heart. Alright, get some rest. You've got a big day ahead of you.

Yugi: ‘Night, Gramps!

[cut to the outside of the Game shop. It starts to rain.]

[Rex and Weevil look into Yugi's room, as lightening flashes]


Other Yugi: Is everything alright, Yugi?

Yugi: I'm just thinking about what grandpa said. About fate bringing the two of us together. He said I was the only one who could help you.

Other Yugi: That's true.

Yugi: But ever since we've met, it seems that you've helped me much more than I've helped you. I mean, think about it. Before you cane into my life, I spent all my time alone. I barely spoke to anyone. But the minute I put the Millennium Puzzle together, my entire life changed.

[cue Yugiiioooooohh!!]

Yugi: You gave me the confidence I needed to be myself, and to make new friends. Friends that I will have for the rest of my life! And that's not all! I wouldn't be the duelist I am without you! Face it, teaming up with you is the best thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life.

Other Yugi: Thank you.

Yugi: No, thank YOU! I don't know where I'd be without you! I just hope I can return the favor!

Other Yugi: But you already have. I was alone for nearly 5,000 years until the day we met. And then your friends became my friends too.

Yugi: I never thought of it that way!

Other Yugi: Well, it's true. Besides, you're about to do something for me that I could never do on my own - regain my memory, and unlock the door to the mysteries of my past.

Yugi: Well, it's the least I can do!

Other Yugi: We make an excellent team!

[End flashback/dream]

[Rex and Weevil look into Yuugi's room, as lightening flashes]

Weevil: This is it, Rex! The Egyptian God Card will finally be in the hands of someone who deserves them!

Rex: Aha! So you do admit those cards belong with me!

Weevil: Dream on!

[Weevil smashes Yuugi's window with a rock. Yugi wakes up. Rex grabs Yugi's bag.]

Yugi: Oh no!

Rex: No, he's awake!

Weevil: Run for it!

Yugi: Stop!

Weevil: Come on!

[they climb down the ladder, and kick it down, so Yugi can't follow them]

Yugi: Come back!

[Yugi runs out]

Yugi: You won't get away with this!

Yugi: If that bag falls into the wrong hands, the whole world could be in danger!

[Rex and Weevil run into an alley and open the bag.]

Rex: That was a joke.

Weevil: [opens bag] I got to have a look at these things!

Weevil: Hey, wait a sec! [sees Millennium Items] Those aren't the Egyptian God Cards!

[The Millennium Ring in the bag glows, and floats away, right into Bakura's hands.]

Bakura: [laughs]

Rex: Who's there?

Bakura: It hasn't been that long, has it?

Weevil: I know you! You used to tag along with Yugi, right?

Rex: Listen pal, you better not be after those God Cards!

Bakura: I already have what I'm after, thanks to you fools!

[Scene cuts to Yugi. Rex's and Weevil's screams could be heard.]

Yugi: What was that?

[Yugi runs into the alley, sees Rex and Weevil unconscious. Bakura is standing, with his back toward Yugi]

Yugi: Who are you? And what did you do to them?

Bakura: [turns around]

Yugi: Bakura? Is that you?

Bakura: Guess again!

Note: Please try to ignore any typos I made, and if you find any, let me know. I type these up in Notepad, and the spell-check in my other Word Processor doesn't really do a good job.

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